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I am having a hard time finding out what the pay is for federal corrections. Applied and waiting to hear for an interview - although they expect me to get the job as I'm the only applicant. I have heard once I accept an offer, it... Read More

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    For those of you on this thread who are currently working for the BOP as a civilian NP can you please share anything about the similarities and differences in your role with those of Commission Corps NP's. I am applying the BOP to become an NP in the Corps and would just like your perspectives on the civilian vs officer dynamics.

    Some examples I am curious about would be work schedule, are both types of NPs treated equally in the BOP, do the civilian NPs want to become part of the Commissioned Corps or vice versa, how long do the CC officers typically stay at one prison before moving somewhere else?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hey Jason,

    I am also applying to PHS, currently working at the BOP. My job will be the same, work schedule the same, and I'd be treated the same unless I abuse my time off (which I wouldn't). Once you're in (BOP), everyone recommends switching into PHS so far. I have heard from current officers that originally you have to stay 2 years, but my husband's cousin has been at her position for 7-8 and she doesn't plan on moving (dental hygienist).

    I am also hearing that it is becoming more competitive to get commissioned. so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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