Limited Term 12 Months CDCR Ironwood/Chuckwalla

  1. I was offered a job as an RN. Corrections is definitely a specialty that peaks my interest. This thread is a folllow-up on a number of others I've made regarding corrections perceived as a profession within nursing. I have decided that corrections would provide me with a work environment that would satisfy my interest in public health as well as emergency medicine (triage, autonomy, quick responder).

    THE QUESTIONS OF THE CENTURY!....*drum roll*

    What is the likelihood of me achieving permanency while working for CDCR, specifically at the Ironwood/Chuchwalla facilities?

    Anyone work at these facilities know a few things and would like to chime in?
    Anyone ever hired on as limited term and lives to tell their story of becoming permanent?

    The reason I'm wrestling with this is because I have another offer to go to Midland Texas for an ED residency and 2 year commitment. The pay is significantly lower and I'd rather stay in California for tangible and intangible reasons.
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  3. by   CaliBoy760
    Not a corrections nurse but have friends and an ex-wife that work at Donovan in SD. My understanding is that the "Limited Term" slots are designated that simply for accounting purposes. Meaning that they generally rollover in to a full time "permanent" slot. But I'm sure that it also depends on how good a nurse you prove to them you are. Meaning that if you are a crappy nurse then you will probably not be extended a permanent offer. I've been to Midland and I've been to Blythe. Both are podunk towns with little going for them. So, which do you want? A higher paying job in corrections or high stress job in a Texas ED? Choose wisely...
  4. by   240zRN
    Well if I went to Ironwood, I'd live in Indio and suck up the hour [turbo ] long commute. I love the way you worded that last sentence though, haha. We'll see, I have till June 1st to decide. I just wanted some more information on the likelihood of permanency with this gig. Corrections is awesome and my mother worked for the state all her life-- I'd like to follow in her [pension] foot-steps. Thanks for your input!

    PS: For those who don't know, because I had to look it up myself.

    3. podunk
    A small isolated town, region, or place that is regarded as unimportant.
    "I hate these backwards podunk towns."

  5. by   Pranqster
    as long as youh don't do anything stooopid, you'll get hired on. like 240zRN said its all related to accounting and shuffling costs around to make it look like the state is saving money.
  6. by   apoppyfield
    does anyone know if the time worked in a limited term spot counts toward retirement?
  7. by   DavidDudley
    I am a former employee who has worked at ironwood as limited term. Whether of not you rollover to permanent just depends on you fitting into their politics and them liking u.
  8. by   Orca
    As far as the Texas job - bear in mind that your cost of living would be significantly lower, and you wouldn't be paying a state income tax. Also take into account that California state employees have been enduring mandatory unpaid furloughs for several years, so the gross salary you are quoted may not be the whole story. I don't know what happened in the latest legislative session, but until recently they have had three days per month of unpaid leave, which reduces your salary by about 15 percent.