Help with upcoming interview with Sheriffs department

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    Hi Everyone!!!

    I was hoping some of you could possibly help me get an idea of what type of questions I may be asked during an interview I have coming up this week for a Sheriffs detentions nurse position. I am a new grad but I currently work at an Emergency Psych Unit. I am used to patients coming in extremly psychotic, overdosing on drugs and other emergent situations. I love it! I have been working there for almost a year and Its great. I am a triage RN there and I love the fast paced enviroment. Can anyone please give me an idea of what to expect during my interview? Thanks so much!!!

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    I have an interview with the sheriff's department. How did it go? Can you give me an idea on what kind of questions they ask. Thanks!
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    Hey Jasonrr619!!

    Ok, so I just found out last week that I got the RN positon!!! Whoo!!! I will be working at Las Collinas I AM SO EXCITED!!! It was such a long process I applied in Feb of this year and I start on July 12 When is your interviwe?
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    Congrats! Good for you! It is a very long process. I applied in march and didn't get interviewed until last week. I found out a day later that I passed the interview. I am in the middle of gathering info for the background check. I am a little nervous about the voice stress test. How did that go? Other than that I feel I have a good chance of getting hired. Fingers crossed. Also what shift are you working? They told me that morning shifts were not available. I know that facility you got hired is hiring and one more. Not sure which one. Thanks ahead of time
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    Voice stress test! Is that a common screening tool? I feel my voice squeeking just thinking about it.
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    Hi lyttlemomma! I live down the street from Las Collinas! I have an interview in a bit over a week for the County of San Diego Sheriff's for a staff RN position at a detention facility. Wow, it's funny how small the world can be lol. I got a call from HR about a week after I applied, then over the phone a week later we went over my background check, and now my interview is soon. I'm a new grad, got my RN license on May and don't have any RN experience, just CNA in home health. Any tips or anything for me? I'm very excited about this opportunity, and think that this could be an amazing start for my RN career.
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    I am going through same process. Did you interview yet?
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    Yes, I had my interview a couple day ago. It was a bit nerve-racking as all interviews are. They said they were going to send out emails hopefully by the end of next week about whether we made it to the next step which is the extensive background check (which she said would be 2-3 months). But they will carry more people on to the next step then positions available, which is 6 RN positions.
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    So after interview process we then wait for a more extensive background check? What about the voice stress exam? 6 positions wow! Good. I wonder where the locations of the positions are located. Any input is appreciated. They told me they would be calling me this week or next week for interview....
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    I got an email from her stating that I passed the interview and forwarded the background info forms to fill out and send back to her. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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