Fog Alert

  1. 0 The regular med pass for our unit is inmates come to health services unit and line up just outside the health services unit, stick their hand through a 6 x 18 hole in a window; meds are placed in hand and taken. During a fog alert nurses take med carts x4 (180 pounds each) 150 yards one way( up and downhill) and pass meds out on the unit. There are no officers with you but are close by. The narcs are not locked within the cart. I say this is a hostage waiting to happen. Management disagrees and says this is a sound securrity practice. Would like to know changes, if any, at other facilities during a fog alert.
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    aren't they on lock down? isn't that why you go to their tier? how would that be a recipe for a hostage situation then security is tighter for fog lockdown?
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    No, not on lock down. Inmates still allowed to go to visits, MDappts., rec, etc. In S.C. prison last year a nurse and officer were taken hostage during a med pass on the unit. DEA says narcs are to be in a locked drawer while on unit, management says no they don't need to be. If I was gang banger what better time for at takeover. I would have a nurse plus a 1000 cards of psych and narc cards to deal with.
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    Definitely hostage waiting to happen. I worked in a similar situation and in hindsight don't know how I did it...scary.

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