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I am a new nurse and just started working @ a Federal prison this week. After orienting at all the facilities I will be on a med surg unit. Can anyone give me some ideas/pointers on organization or their routine for a 12 hr... Read More

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    Quote from ImThatGuy
    Ha. Typical. If you ask a guy who happens to be a jailer in a county jail what he does for a living he'll say "I work for the sheriff's office." The quetioner usually then will ask something like "Oh, really, you're a deputy. That's cool." The jailer may then reply "Yeah, it gets pretty dirty sometimes." The questioner will then ask something like "Hey, were you at that wreck at ______ the other night?" Jailer, "Nah, I didn't make that one." Questioner, "Well, how about that shooting down at _______; what was that like?" Jailer, "I heard it was pretty bad. I wasn't there." Questioner, "What area do you usually work?" Jailer, "Ah, um, well, right now I'm a deputy that's assigned to the jail." Questioner, "Oh, I didn't know that deputies had to work in the jail." Jailer, "Well, yes, there are deputies in the jail to watch over the inmates." Questioner, "Oh, so you're a guard?" Conversation then ends awkwardly for jailer and questioner. 90% of them want to be street cops and try to play the part. We don't pretend to be jailers though.

    If it's someone at a state prison you're talking to it's more like "Hey, man I heard you were a police officer now. Where you working?" CO, "Tucker SuperMax." Other person, "I thought that was a jail." CO, "It's a prison." Other person, "So you're a prison guard?" CO, "I'm a corrections officer." Other person, "So you're not a cop then?" CO, "Well, I am to the inmates, and I am allowed to carry a gun outside." Conversation then ends awkwardly for both parties.
    the prison i work at actually has one cop wannabe who drives around at night looking for someone to arrest lol its sad

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    Quote from bymysoultosqueezeRN
    the prison i work at actually has one cop wannabe who drives around at night looking for someone to arrest lol its sad

    lol. Typical. Everyone wants a slice of the pie.
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    Hi, I graduated BSN in November, passed my boards last week (yay!) and am starting the job search. I am planning on calling the federal prisons, state prisons etc as well as hospitals. Any advice on who to deal with, some things to expect in the process, etc? For the two of you who started in November, how is it going?


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