Ever worked for Southern Health Partners? Ever worked for Southern Health Partners? | allnurses

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Ever worked for Southern Health Partners?

  1. 0 Hi I am a new grad LPN and I applied for a job with Southern Health Partners to work in a local county jail. What is it like to work for them? Thanks
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    I find a good way to tell about any company when healthcare is involved is to seach the the company name and add sued. To the search and your find some interesting topics. You won't get the whole truth,but still a goodway to evaluate and search.
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    Always know your Scope of nursing/state that your working in. Don't trust the company you may be working for to do this for you. A company contracted is shaky at times. Remember contracted companies have a lot of fancy missions and mission statements. But tha main mission is to make profit. Nursing is your career, a job is just a job, and never worth causing a blemish or destroying your career. Keep your own insurance, cause before a company or God for bid a County jail takes the fall they will throw thwe nurse under the bus. I am not directing the to Southern Health Partners. It's just some wisdom I am passing on!!!!