Does any body work for CCS

  1. CCS just took over our contract(we think) in Delaware. Does anybody work for them in the correctional field. Just wanted some info on the company. Likes or dislikes, etc, benefiets, and pay
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  3. by   JAMALEHA
    yes i do, what would you like to know?
  4. by   Erikadawn RN
    How do they treat there employee's,how's the pay n benefiets, there taking over our contract july 1 and we don't know what to expect
  5. by   lisafer
    I interviewed with them today for a BSN position for a new jail contract at Dekalb county. What is a reasonable salary request and what should I expect working for them. I have corrections experience. Are their sops very different? Do BSN's manage LVNs? Any info about CorrectCare is greatly appreciated
  6. by   Emmyzsis
    I work for CCS in North Carolina. My salary is based on my education and years of being licensed. The pay is the best in this area, however, the benefits nor the management/working environment are not. Depends on which is more important to you. A co-worker of mine works at more than one CCS site in NC and she says things are markedly different between the two, the other site being much better.

    Having had prior corrections experience helped me tremendously when I was hired. Be ready for mountains of paperwork and manual documentation as is a hallmark of CCS.

    Working only 3 days a week (for non-management staff) allows for plenty of time off but the schedule is not predictable to allow for additional employment and the monthly schedule is usually posted the last day of the preceeding month.

    Not to sound discouraging, just being frank about our site and wishing I'd known before getting trapped in the income. Hope this helps.