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Corrections Nursing in Florida

  1. 0 My name is Claire Chapman and I am currently a clinical team leader (charge nurse) in a high secure mental institution in the UK (RMN, BA Hons) I am really interested to talk with other corrections nursing staff (we call it forensics) of whatever grade as I want to explore the idea of working in Florida where my family live. I predominantly work with violent and sexual offenders with substance misuse histories. All have a personality disorder (or 2) and most have a dual diagnosis of mental illness. I also teach, supervise and research in this specialist area I want to know if there are facilities where my skills could be used and how I could go about meeting with other psychiatric nurses when I come over in May 2005.
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    I recently read your post on your interest in working in a correctional facility in Florida. I do not live in Florida, but had checked into correctional nursing jobs there some time ago, as I was considering moving there. A site you may want to access on the internet is the Florida Department of Corrections. There web address is When I was checking into it, they had many positions available, as I am sure they probably still do. As I said, I don't live in Florida, but I do work in corrections, so if you have any other questions, feel free to ask.