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Has anyone worked for Corizon? Please share your experience, good or bad. Recently we switched from Wexford Health to Corizon. So far, I dont hear anything good. I am also curious about how many... Read More

  1. by   kestrad3
    Anybody here worked for Corizons in Fl ? Namely in Gainesville or Lake Butler ?

    I recently got got a call back for an interview with them and as a new grad, I'm in a bit excited but uncertain as well.
  2. by   valzRN
    Quote from mlbluvr
    Interesting philosophy, than it in the field of so-called 'corrections', that you all refer to the inmates as 'offenders'. That's a great daily boost to their self esteem, a good way to promote 'corrections', and to help people move on past their trangressions. Not to mention, also, we all know that only truly guilty people are in prisons, right? Because in America, innocent people are never put in prison, no way. Aside from that I just got an unsolicited email from a prison contract nursing agency, telling me they are recruiting for Wasco and Pelican Bay. I almost wet my pants. I cannot fathom being locked up in a prison for 8 hours a day, for any amount of money. Also- where did they get my real name, my email address, and my license type? Privacy rights, my arse.
    We refer to them as "inmates". Right now I work in a prison so they have been convicted. Honstly, nobody cares if they move past their transgressions... we didn't make them do what they did to get here and they certainly didn't end up here by holding their halos too high. Do you not work in a correctional facility? I mean, the caliber of people that correctional nurses mostly work with on a daily basis are scumbags anyways. Murders, rapists, sex offenders, etc... When you go to work do people masturbate in front of you? Do they cuss at you and all you every name in the book? Do they throw feces at the door? Do they threaten you because you can't give them the medication that they want? Do they hang from the ceiling and scream? Do they cut on themselves intentionally so that they can get psychotropic drugs that they want to make the time go by faster and numb them from the day to day operations? It's a different ball game in corrections. Until you have worked it, you wouldn't, or couldn't understand. As far as being locked up for 8-12 hrs... it doesn't bother me. It takes a minute to get out of the gates in the mornings because officers and medical are both coming on together and there is a process that each one has to go through when coming into the facility, but other than that, no problem. Corrections isn't for everyone, but for some, it's perfect for us to chose to work this "not so easy" nursing path.
  3. by   RN In FL
    Quote from kestrad3
    Anybody here worked for Corizons in Fl ? Namely in Gainesville or Lake Butler ?

    I recently got got a call back for an interview with them and as a new grad, I'm in a bit excited but uncertain as well.
    If I were you, I would google "complaints againt Corizon" before I accepted a position there. I worked for that company, and they DO NOT support their nurses. What the jail officers say goes, and they are not medical. There is no adequate orientation, as you will read in the complaints. I quit, could not jeporadize my nursing license. If a complaint is filed against a nurse by the jail officers, Corizon do not do an investigation, they accept it, and proceed with corrective action, most likely termination. This is a facility in FL. Run as fast as you can
  4. by   Anna S, RN
    All I will say about Corizon is that articles on the web go right a long with what I have witnessed.

    Inmate deaths in FL hit a ten year high shortly after Corizon takes over

    Following inmate death spike, what next for Florida prison health care? | The Opinion Zone

    [FONT=Palatino]Corizon comes to AZ prison 2012:
    AFSC reports that there have been 50 deaths in Arizona Department of Corrections custody in just the first eight months of 2013. That is a dramatic increase from previous years. The Arizona Republic reported 37 deaths in 2011 and 2012 combined.

    Whistleblower: Arizona inmates are dying from inadequate health care | Al Jazeera America
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