Can I work as a correctional Nurse?

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I would like to ask what the rule are when applying for correctional nursing. Are you able to apply and have a chance at being hired if someone you know is incarcerated in a california correctional facility?? Of course i live in Southern California but i have 2 family member that are incarcerated in a northern california prison. Will they still hire me in Southern california.. Please let me know if knowing a inmate can disqualify you from the position..

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  3. by   jvoeRN
    I work in Minnesota and was told it is actually against our laws for someone in corrections to have contact with and incarcerated individual or even someone on probabtion. However, I think that is like in a personal capacity. You can't choose your family. I would suggest applying and being honest with them and the worst they can say is no.
  4. by   maybe_someday
    When I had my interview for the prison I work at in Texas, my nurse manager asked if I had any immediate family members that were incarcerated. There is a special form we are to fill out which basically ensures that he doesn't get sent to my unit. I guess it varies from state to state! Good luck!!
  5. by   prisonnurse02
    You can still work in corrections. You definately cannot work in a prison that your family is incerated at, but anywhere else should be okay. When your employer asks if you know anybody who is incarcerated in the state, just tell them the truth.