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Hi..I am thinking of taking a position in San Quentin or Folsom/ Sacramento...if you work there would love some feedback about how you enjoy your work, working for the state etc...thanks!... Read More

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    where are you interviewing?
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    High Desert Prison in Susanville. I guess you are working there already. Are you relocating already? My trip to interview only is 650 miles away. I still not sure how am I going to get there. My interview date is coming Friday.
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    hi wendy, i am working at high desert and just interviewed there in dec. new hire. bring 3 references into with you names and phone numbers. they like acls. you will interview with 3 people. the don(head of nursing) and 2 supervisors. they are all really. really nice. read the corrections interview thread!!!! good luck!!! i relocated from marin 300 miles away but i like it here.
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    one suggestion is to fly into reno and rent a car. high desert is about 1.5 hours from reno on 395. the forecast looks like good weather for fri.
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    I am interviewing next week at Donovan. Where is the interview thread? I'm going to try to do a search and find it. I really want this job. My family really needs the healthcare. I have two family members with health issues.

    Anyone know what to expect during the interview process?
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    I think the take home pay is a little higher. I heard you dont pay state taxes or social security on your pay check. Im not sure if its both but I was told the take home pay is high than private companies because less taxes.
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    I am a new graduate RN with ADN. I specifically want to work in corrections and have submit a resume 3 weeks ago. I also took the online exam and got a 75%. I never received a response from the DOC. I also was unable to find out what rank I am. I have never received anything in the mail. I have been applying through for CA prisons. Is this where everyone else is applying? Do they prefer a BSN? Do I have a chance as a new grad with ADN? My GPA is good.

    Thank you
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    I just interviewed with CCI in Tehachapi and yes they do interview ADN's. I recently graduated in Dec 2010 and I applied to a few of the correctional institutions. All I can say is to keep trying and to apply to different facilities. Good Luck to you!
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    Hello... does anyone know names of some registries that hire for Coalinga State Hospital? I'm having a hard time finding any online.
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    I heard of an agency called Solvere that hires RNs for that facility