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    Has anyone here worked for Armor Correctional Healthcare Services? Tell me your thoughts and post your experience. I am so happy to have landed a job with them--they seem like the pre-eminent healthcare service for corrections.

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    Did you start working? If so, How do you like it so far?
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    I just completed the orientation phase of my training for work at Nassau County jail in East Meadow. I couldn't be more impressed with Armor Correctional Healthcare Services! The Medical Director, Regional Vice President, Director of Staff Development, Vice President of Policy & Accreditation and others were directly involved in this process. Armor is already in 27 other assorted correctional facilities throughout the country, and they are bringing that proven knowledge to bear in Nassau County. I am very excited to be a part of the start-up team. The compensation and benefits are very generous, too. Armor takes over fully on June 1st, and my formal employment will start then. I'll keep you posted.
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    Please keep me posted. Thank you.
    One of my close friends will be starting training soon. How long after you interview did you start training? Is it paid training? Will you be Per diem or fulltime?
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    All training is paid the full hourly wage, and since we are the start up crew, everybody trained as a unit--about 2 weeks after they were done with all of the initial interviews. I will be full-time. Any further questions, feel free to ask.
    When is you're friend due to start training?
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    My friend interviewed with them on Monday for a LPN position, she really wants me to apply as RN per diem but I'm a bit skeptical about working in a jail but who knows maybe I will get the courage to apply and see how it is.

    As far as her start date for training, she has no clue. I guess this is why Im trying to find out too, to get an idea of how long they take. They told her they will get back to her with a training date but nothing as of yet.
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    Yea, they will probably wait to get all of the nurses they need to start the second go-round of training. Gook luck and keep ME posted as well!!
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    Yes, she also mentioned that the person who interviewed her said they are expecting a high turn over rate because a lot of people decide this is not the job for them after they've started. My friend loves it because she already works in a correction center so she knows exactly what to expect. She loves this kind of work. Well, I wish you the best of luck with your new job and I will most definitely keep you posted with everything.
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    I think corrections nursing is a job you either love or hate! I think that I'm gonna love it!!
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    Did you get to train with the inmates and all? or have you worked there before?

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