1 and a half years of SNF experience, looking to apply in corrections...

  1. 0 i am an lvn in CA and have always wanted to work in corrections ever since graduating lvn school. I have already past the "self assessment they have on the cdcr website. I have a few questions, including some for lvns already working in corrections.

    -Lvn's, do you have I.V certification, how much more of an advantage does an lvn with IV cert. have over one without it, do corrections really seek lvns with this certification?

    -I've seen a lot of threads of new grads starting out in correctional facilities, for all the nurses who started out in corrections as a "new grad", how did you do it? what steps did you take to increase your chances of getting an interview?

    -how long does the process take? from applying for a vacancy and getting an application in the mail?
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    Actually, I would love some insight into this question as well!

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