Who's applying to NVCC for Fall 2012

  1. November 1st is right around the corner people! I'm pretty anxious to get these applications done and over with! Hopefully we all get in! Good luck to everyone who is applying to the CCC's nursing programs!
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  3. by   CTlmt
    I'm still trying to pick my school of first choice. I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't know. I'm debating between NVCC and Capital. I live in between the two so it'll be the same with clinical sites. I know that's usually what people base their decision on. I just posted in the following:
    I'd appreciate anyone's input on choosing school of first choice and feedback on grades/teas score to figure out where I stand. Thanks!
  4. by   CNAnursingstudent
    I picked NVCC as my first choice because I've been going there for about 3 years now and its very close to home. But I also picked northwestern as my second choice because I heard it's also a very good nursing program.

    I just took the TEAS for a second time and got a 62.0%. They said that's the norm for most test scores cause its the newer version and it's much harder. Hopefully it's good enough...
  5. by   ORnurseCT
    I would attend information sessions for the schools you are interested in and talk to someone at each program, they are not exactly the same. There are things about each school you will not know until you are in the program or talk to a current student. Good luck!!