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Who is accepted at GWCC for fall 2012 or spring 2013? - page 4

Hi, Just wanted to start a thread for all of the people accepted to Gateway Community College, Connecticut for the fall 2012 or spring 2013! Introduce yourself!... Read More

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    I just got a call from school telling me that I needed my MMR titer current within the year of 2012. My MMR titer tests showed immunity in 2010. I thought once you are immune, you are ok for life. Am I wrong?
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    We only lost 2. We graduated 48 I think. 201 is challenging, there is more expected of you. If I remember correctly 201 has a lot of adjuncts teaching which made it hard b/c they aren't writing the tests which made it kind of useless to go to class. I hope they read our reviews and changed that. Where r u doing clinical?
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    I am wondering if anyone has received their acceptance letters for the Spring 2013. I am anxiously waiting, and getting so nervous! I know they said early October, just wondering if any chance any has gotten in!
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    Matt, I feel like class is just reading the power point. Our first test was out of the book, not much from the lecture. So glad I read everything, and did practice questions!
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    The PP is a guide.You need to read the book esp when you get into 203. Go over questions from Mosbys and Lippincotts NCLEX review..several questions come from those questions.
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    I already do all that it has helped. I just wish they did more than read the ppt and actually lectured. I can read the ppt and book at home.
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    Hello. Can anyone tell me what to expect in 201. what's the hardest part of the program at this point and how is the math test coming in. Please advise.
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    Mattfd27, I'm just wondering do you have your bachelor's degree and, if not, how has it been finding a job with the ADN? How about your classmates, how have they done finding jobs in this area?
    I'm planning to get my BSN right away after I graduate, but was hoping to start working first.
    THanks for any input.
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    I have a BS but not in nursing. I worked at the hospital already so I got hired fairly quickly. I've been on my own for a month now and love it. There are still a bunch from last Dec that haven't found jobs yet let alone those that graduated in May. It's very hard out there, I'll be honest. You need to think outside the box when looking for a job. Look at a correctional facility for example. If you're not already working in a hospital it MIGHT be a little hard with a ASD to get in. A lot of my friends who were working as a Nurse Assistant or PCA all got jobs within a hospital they worked for. Of course some got hired without being employeed by a hospital. Get hired, wait about 6mo or so and begin going for your BSN.
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    Thanks Matt, sounds like trying to get a CNA/PCA job while in school is the best way to go.
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    Congrats, you were accpeted into the bridge LNP to RN program!
    How long did you wait to get accept into the bridge LNP to RN program?
    I plan to do that soon. I just want to know what is the waiting time period timeframe.
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    Assess&safety1st Thanks. I got in the first time I applied. Thank the lord! We completed the bridge program, but I don't start the nursing classes until January. Are you a LPN also?
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    Yes I'm LPN. I will be applying for bridge program. I hope I get in first try, too. Congrats to you! How was HESI PN?

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