Who is accepted at GWCC for fall 2012 or spring 2013? - page 4

Hi, Just wanted to start a thread for all of the people accepted to Gateway Community College, Connecticut for the fall 2012 or spring 2013! Introduce yourself!... Read More

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    Yes. The LPN orientation was the other day.. it ws very informative

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    We were in the class next door
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    Just graduated so if you have any questions I can hopefully answer some.
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    i can't believe it's only 2 months away!!:uhoh21:
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    I am very excited to find out what semester I will start.The LPN were not notified who starts when yet.
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    I will be starting this fall at GWCC. Has anyone heard anything about what type of shoe we are required to wear? Or anything about stethoscopes? I wasn't sure if I missed this info or if they just haven't said anything yet about it. Thanks!
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    You should have white shoes(some girls had crocks but most had sneakers) and buy whatever scope you want. Littmanns is fine. I have an Ultrascope which I think is better but don't go overboard and spend $190 because there's always the possiblity you might forget it at clinical and it will never be found again. Stick with a $80-$100 max. And you will find there, that the information tree has a few branches missing.
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    Thank you for your help mattfd37 and congratulations, by the way, on your graduation!
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    Matt any advice for 201? How many students did you lose?
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    I just got a call from school telling me that I needed my MMR titer current within the year of 2012. My MMR titer tests showed immunity in 2010. I thought once you are immune, you are ok for life. Am I wrong?

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