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Hi, Just wanted to start a thread for all of the people accepted to Gateway Community College, Connecticut for the fall 2012 or spring 2013! Introduce yourself!... Read More

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    Thank you all for the information. It has helped alot. I look forward to meeting you guys in the fall.

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    I am confused....
    Has anyone's major changed from general study to Nursing yet? Mine is still the same - general study. May 1 is the registration date for Gateway's nursing; I wonder how I can register NUR 101 online with my unchanged status. I got a registration form filled and signed by nursing advisor during the advisement time. Should I just bring that form to the registrar office instead of online registration? Thanks.
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    123ester are you still not able to register? Did you speak with the nursing department?
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    How is the faculty there? I went there today & was highly unimpressed with the facility. I know they're moving but the condition of their campus now does not lend itself to a professional atmosphere.
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    Princess mama, PM if you want. 101 instructors are fabulous. The person in charge of the lab is horrible.
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    Yes, I did it yesterday after picking up the change of major form from the office. Thanks.
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    Studentnurse, I have really appreciated all the information and heads up info you provide.... That said, what is the person in charge of the lab responsible for-how does he or she impact our lives at school......?? Please forgive my ignorance! On a positive note, it's wonderful to hear you liked the 101 instructors so much! I had such a great group of professors and classmates this semester; IMHO, it makes all the difference in the world to your schooling experience!
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    The lab person is in charge of the labs, setting them up, and validations, if someone has to be retrained they have to see her and be reevaluated. If you do what you are supposed to and don't ask her any questions it won't affect you at all. If you have a question or need to see her, she can be condescending and short with students. She teaches some of the lab classes. I made the mistake of asking a question once, she basically said you know nothing, use your knowledge, and learned concepts to figure it out.

    When I dropped off my Physical last summer, I called ahead so I could hand deliver it,*** told me she would be there all afternoon. When I arrived she was out of the office, but the Lab person *** was in the office. She snapped "next time why don't you call ahead!!" That was my first impression it never improved.

    The lab instructors teach and validate by different standards, it can be confusing at first. The lab director should have better organization over that. We all realize each facility has different protocols and policies, but for validation and the first time we are learning something it should be simple. We can learn different techniques at clinical or at orientation, etc.

    I'm sure her job is hard and she does a decent job, but why can't she do it without eating her young?

    Lab validations are a lot less stressful after you start clinicals and realize tests are more important.
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    😳 this sounds daunting....... Thanks for explaining.
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    Was last night LPN orientation?

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