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  1. ok so im going to explain my whole life situation and i want everyone's opinion. I went to CCSU for a year and a half after i graduated highschool, and right before they said they were going to have a nursing program, i transferred to Goodwin College. i went to goodwin for two years and did all my science and most of my pre-reqs there. i applied to Goodwin's program for the max of three times and never got in. i relied on getting in my third time applying (because that is what everyone told me, was that everyone gets in by their third time applying) but i didnt. since i relied on gettting into goodwin, i didnt apply to other schools nursing programs in time. i applied to hartford hospitals xray program and just got in, but i am not going to do it because 1- i cant really work while in the program because it is full time and a lot of work and 2- my dream is to be a registered nurse. i remembered that i applied to goodwins respiratory program and still waiting to hear back from them, but i truly dont want to go back there and have another $30,000 in loans because they are so expensive and only want your money.

    so what i want to know is, should i just wait the extra year and apply to capital and bridgeport's nursing programs for the fall 2012? nursing is my dream and i dont want to give up. But the other thing is my boyfriend wants to start a future with me and get engaged and married soon but he wants to wait until i am done with school before that happens. and usually i am the one bringing up marriage to him, but instead he told me this the other day, so it makes me want to rush school even faster! Do you think there is a chance that i could get into capital or bridgeports programs for fall 2012? im just scared that if i turn down goodwin respiratory (if i was to get in) and then apply to the two RN programs, and i dont get in then ill just be miserable. i need major advice on what to do!
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  3. by   Nikki819
    go with your gut instinct. if you want to be a nurse do everything in your power to become one. have you thought about being a PA? you could apply to those programs. or how about in the meantime get your phelbotomy, PCT, CNA or work as an EMT? if you already are thinking about waiting a year to re-apply then in the meantime make the most of your time and work a job or build on a skill that you will need for nursing. volunteer at a hospital. if you dont want to do xray or resp then don't do it. you'll waste your time, money and if you think you will be miserable doing it now you will when you start the program.

    as for your boyfriend if this man truly loves you and wants to be with you he will wait until you are done with school, however long that takes. don't put aside your dreams,goals and career desires for someone else or years down the road you will use him as a scapegoat and resent him for it (seen it happen many times with people i know!)

    besides if you decide to get married now would you have children right away? do you want that added stress of juggling a husband, marriage, kids and a family on top of school?

    do whatever you feel is right and trust your gut instinct. if all else fails write a pros cons list for everything you want to do and look at it from that angle.
  4. by   lilshorty4211
    Thanks Nikki! yea, my gut and my heart keep saying to do nursing, so i am going to wait it out. as of working, i work with a mentally challenged woman right now, and i do everything from bathing, toileting, food preparation, and bringing her out for activities, so i think i have a good job in my hands for now. yea my boyfriend will wait, i was just shocked to hear that from him, because usually he is the one that says he's not ready then all of a sudden he said he wants to get engaged soon. but he will wait regardless, he knows that i want to be a nurse, and we aren't rushing for anything soon.

    i have done the pros and cons of the xray and respiratory programs and i just know i wont be happy down the road if i chose either of those programs, so i am following my heart and going to do nursing.

    thanks for responding!
  5. by   Nikki819
    you're welcome glad i could help
  6. by   CJ223
    Did you take all of your pre-req's at Goodwin? If that is the case.., they won't transfer to any of the CT Comm Colleges, and you'll most likely have to take them again. Keep that in mind as you make your decisions.
  7. by   lilshorty4211
    yes i did take most all of my pre-reqs at goodwin college. But i am already going to MCC and they all transfer. the only class that didnt transfer was my Math with Health Science Applications because the class was only offered at Goodwin.
  8. by   Rooskenator
    I couldn't agree with Nikki more. Stick with nursing. It sounds like that is really, truly what you want to do. It sounds like you are doing ALL the right things and it really isn't an "if" you will get into nursing- it's just "when" and after how much trying. Doing resp or x-ray will just put you further away from where you want to be, more in debt, and resentful of someone else for rushing you. It will cost you SO much more in the long run.

    FYI, I already made that mistake. I didn't get into the RN program at my college the first time around and decided that Exercise Physiology was good enough b/c I could do cardiac rehab. My gut said I was wrong and man was I wrong. I waited too long b/c I got out of college and worked, now science credits are too old and I'm taking them ALL over again. I could've just waited another year or so, taken applicable classes to nursing and/or extra ones to get my GPA higher and kept trying but I didn't and kick myself for it every single day.

    When you know you really want to be a nurse then nothing else should stop you or stand in your way. I think you would just be delaying the inevitable. It WILL happen. You are doing everything you should and it will pay off in the end. Head up, keep trying and don't stop until you get it is my two cents