What Nursing program are you planning on attending?

  1. Hi Eveyone.

    I am curious as to what nursing program do any of you plan on attending or looking into? I am looking into Saint Joseph College or Goodwin College for the Spring.
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  3. by   knittygrittyRN
    I currently go to Saint Joseph College for nursing, I'm in my second semester of Junior year. I transferred in and I've had a great experience so far. I attended Central Connecticut SU and tried to transfer into their nursing program and couldn't get anyone to talk to me even though I was a Biomolecular Science major at the school. This ended up forcing me to transfer and I debated many schools in the area.

    Capitol Community College- they offer a 2 year degree and are well known for the nurses that graduate and have a high pass rate for the Nclex (they're on par with Saint Joseph for pass rates).

    Goodwin College- also a 2 year although they have a different acceptance system. They 'grade' you on points so if you've taken any courses elsewhere you're automatically behind. But if you're a new student this could also be a good option for you.

    Saint Joseph- this will give you a BSN which most hospitals in the area are hiring only baccalaureate educated nurses. They are one of the most expensive in the state however I talked to financial aid and they've been incredibly helpful getting scholarships and loans for me. They are known in the state for the nurses they put out which might give you more of an advantage.

    CCSU- their program is still very new so there's going to be issues in the program that need to be worked out. I've heard mixed reviews about the nurses there. When I was there I overheard some of the nursing students discuss cheating as a means of keeping their friends in the program. Now every program has those kinds of students so it can't really be used against them, and some of the people I've talked to have said they're doing well in the program there.

    UConn- they start their nursing classes their freshmen year so if you have done any college credit you'll start off behind. Also their pass rate is much lower then SJC or CCC and they've almost lost their accreditation the past few years.

    Feel free to message me if you have any questions on SJC or some of the other schools in the area. And good luck!