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Hi everyone...anyone :-)Anyone applying or applied for UCONN for the 2013 MEIN class? Looking for others to share the nail-bitting experience with!!... Read More

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    Also, what has everyone decided to do for their books? I can't make up my mind but I'm leaning towards the ebooks.

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    Hi! I am really torn on whether to do the hard copy books or ebooks. I am the type of person who needs to lay everything out in front of me.. I'm not sure how I will adjust to having ALL books on my computer? But I do like alot of the perks the ebooks have to offer (searchable, reads to you,etc!) Tough decision!! Where do you see that we have been registered and that classes start 1/22?
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    Hi! I went ahead and created a FB group! I too couldnt find the other one and wanted to get one together ASAP so we can start interacting and asking eachother questions if/when needed I'm not sure if it makes more sense to have individual groups for each campus, but for now I just created one main group... You should (i hope!) be able to find it on facebook. Its called: UConn CEIN 2013

    Just request to Join and I will add you! I would also be more than happy to make other people admins on the page so its not just me!
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    I found that we were registered by signing into the student admin and its in there. It says on the top right corner the classes then I clicked on weekly schedule and it has the classes starting end of January. Let me know if you can't find it and ill give you better directions. I am going to request to be added to the Facebook group and you can make me an admin if you want. My name is Alyssa Bernier.
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    Can't find the Facebook group :/ ill keep looking maybe it takes a while to be available
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    Its so weird! I have no idea why it isn't coming up when searching for it on FB! But, I think I found you on fb so I sent you the link in a message. Hopefully we can figure out together how to make this available to everyone
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    I didn't get the link...my profile pic is myself and my boyfriend...I have blonde hair lol
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    One other question, did you get any updates on the clinical sites that still said TBD? I thought they were going to email is again today..hopefully tomorrow they will before the registration
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    OK, I sent a message to fb about the group not being searchable, I guess that can happen and under 'help' it said to send them a message so hopefully they help me fix the issue tomorrow! Did you get the email they just sent out tonight, a little while ago?
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    I just saw it, thanks! Hopefully they fix the issue and we can begin to communicate on there

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