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Hi everyone...anyone :-)Anyone applying or applied for UCONN for the 2013 MEIN class? Looking for others to share the nail-bitting experience with!!... Read More

  1. by   MB2009
    Hi Everyone!

    I got accepted to the Avery Point campus for the 2013 class. SO EXCITED!!! I called and spoke to the Nursing dept and they told me that the orientation is on Friday, Oct 19th from 8:30am to 5pm at Storrs. They said they are waiting on some information before they can send out the information packets. Trying hard to be patient!!

    Looking forward to meeting you all!
  2. by   alaboringstart
    Narose, do you need to be rescued from your trench?! LOL! Dont worry, I don't have a trench but I now know my mailman on a first name basis! Congrats AveryPointMEIN and welcome to our anxious group:-)!
  3. by   alaboringstart
    Is it me or is the latest email from the school a bit...strange? :-/
  4. by   HeidiM27
    For those that got into the Storrs campus program- is anyone looking to relocate there? I'm currently looking into moving into the area (so I dont have to commute) and am trying to get an idea of what students in this program do. After receiving the acceptance letter in July, I finally called to get more info and found out the Open House is October 19 Very excited!! Anyone else planning on going?
  5. by   narose
    HeidiI'm looking to move into the area too! I've been looking at a few apartment complexes and have been keeping an eye on Craigslist for anything. Tomorrow im going to scout out a few apartment complexes to see how they are. The prices are a lot more reasonable for a 2 or 3 bedroom if you share My email is narose89@gmail.com. Nicole
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  6. by   Ajbernier
    Found out today via email that I will be joining the Waterbury mein program in January! Super excited! I was going to wait to here from Quinnipiac, but I feel confident that the mein program will be the best fit for me since I would like to continue with grad school. Does anyone know the most current pass rate for the nclex? Any personal reviews of their experiences? I look forward to meeting you all on October 19th
  7. by   alaboringstart
    Hi Ajbernier! Congrats! There are some mixed reviews on other forums about the MEIN program, not much per se on NCLEX pass rate, which is good question. Maybe we will find out at orientation:-) And as we go through the program, we can add our experiences to the forum for future students!!
  8. by   UConnEncore
    Hi everyone! Congrats to all those who have heard good news! I got my email and I will be joining the group at the Storrs campus!

    I don't know any official numbers for the NCLEX pass rate, but I have friends who were in the program both at Storrs and Waterbury and they told me they felt prepared for the exam and passed on the first try. They had no problems finding jobs afterwards and that was before it was a BSN program.

    Good luck to those still waiting! Keep checking your emails!
  9. by   mac05032
    The disorganization of the admissions definitely runs into the rest of the program...but it is manageable. It's tiring and confusing at first but you learn how to deal with it. It seems like a lot of the faculty involved do not communicate or don't do so well - so it's best to ask a lot of questions!
  10. by   mac05032
    Quote from alaboringstart
    Hi Ajbernier!Welcome to the group! I'm glad to hear this forum has been helpful thus far! Hopefully more info will be added along the way as we learn more about the process and the program. I have not come across anyone with provisional acceptance for this program, although, its actually not a bad idea. Maybe you can call/email the school and ask.... From what I recall from the info session is that your file must be complete in order to be reviewed. But, you never know, especially if they are not organized as others have mentioned. I would contact them. Goodluck!
    To my knowledge the entire file has to be complete for them to review your application - every last grade has to be in. It's certainly worth a shot to ask about it - I'd recommend calling, not emailing, as they are either slow to respond or may lose your email (UConn's email system is pretty abysmal)

    MEIN student 2012
  11. by   mac05032
    Quote from nursestudent27
    Hi. This is my first-ever post on allnurses. I applied for MEIN in June, but my prerequisites were not complete, so I was told that they would be unable to review my application at that time. Fortunately, I managed to get everything done by the August deadline; now I am just waiting and crossing my fingers. Has anybody else received a reply yet? Is it too soon to begin following up with them via email or phone? I, too, have noticed that they tend to be disorganized. I don't even know if there is still space in the 2013 cohort. If not, do you know if they accept people for January 2014 (or do they just reject you)? My first choice is the Waterbury campus.

    Thanks so much! Good luck everybody!
    If there is no space in the 2013 cohort you WILL be automatically enrolled in the 2014 cohort. If there are no spaces at your preferred location you MAY be offered a spot for 2013 at another campus if they have room - this is what happened to me.

    MEIN student 2012
  12. by   mac05032
    Quote from clf9317
    Hi MEINstudent
    Congrats on starting your last semester..the end is in sight! I am starting the program in 2013 and am curious about the actual start date. Did you start in the beginning of January or with the normal college semester? Also, did you manage to get sufficient financial aid? (I know that might be a bit personal, but just curious)And, the list of everything you need to buy, are there other ways to get them instead of purchasing them from the school? Thanks for any help/advice!!!
    Sadly, there is NO financial aid for this program (at least for this year) because it is not an undergraduate degree (or a graduate one for that matter). All they really offer is loans (that may not cover all the costs for some students); the majority of scholarships are also reserved for undergraduate nursing students. It's tough :***:

    They do give you a list of books, scrubs, supplies, etc. you need to buy either at the orientation or soon after. There is a MONSTROUS list of books they have you buy for the first semester, but they offer a bundle they claim will cost you less than if you bought them all separately - but do your research first. Also, a bunch of us from this year's program are already itching to sell all our books and supplies!

    For those of you wondering, here's this year's schedule - they keep it pretty much the same every year:

    Jan 9 - classes begin
    March 11-17 - Spring break
    April 21 - 1st semester ends
    April 22-May 4 - break
    May 7 - 2nd semester starts
    Aug 11 - 2nd semester ends
    Aug 12-26 - break
    Aug 27 - 3rd (final!) semester starts
    Nov 19-25 - break
    Dec 8 - 3rd semester ends
    Dec 9 - pinning ceremony
    Dec 17-19 - NCLEX prep class

    We had Martin Luther King Jr. day, memorial day, July 4, and labor day off (but they do sometimes make up a class day later on that same week).
  13. by   narose
    First and foremost thank you for being the best source of information thus far about what to expect next year. It's nice to hear from a current student about what to expect.
    I have to admit what caught my eye the most was the idea of buying your books from you or another student! you'll have to let us know closer to the end of your program. Do they change editions between years though?