Transfering Student from ADN to BSN need Advice

  1. Hi everyone!I need some advices from you all!!
    I am currently a student at Goodwin college. This is my second semester doing the pre-requirements and I was planning to apply for the nurse program in September, but lately I've been thinking about transferring to a different school to get the BSN instead of ADN. My question for you guys is: Should I continue at Goodwin to get my ADN then go for my BSN, or transfer now to a BSN school? With the pre requirements, the ADN program at Goodwin takes about the same amount of time as a BSN, so I am starting to think that continuing with the ADN is a waist of time. I was thinking in either transferring to Uconn or St. Joseph. St. Joseph seems more likely since they have a credit transferable agreement with Goodwin, therefore, all my credits will be transferred.
    I need help!!! what do you guys think???
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Since it seems it would take about the same amount of time, I would make the decision based on convenience. If it is more convenient, stay at Goodwin until time to transfer to a nursing program, or, transfer one semester prior to starting a program.
  4. by   lanebr85
    I have just one more semester of pre-requirements at Goodwin before applying for the nursing program with no guarantees that I am even going to get in. I've been hearing a lot a bad comments about Goodwin College and I am quite disappointed with the school;although I have some wonderful teachers. I heard a lot of good things about ST. Joseph, and with my GPA I can get the president's award scholarship that they offer to minimize the costs.

    I am kind of new to this nursing programs. I was going for Medical Technology in New York before I moved to CT, and I did not research enough before deciding which school or program to apply. I thought I was going to get my ADN much sooner than this, and now it just seems pointless not to go for the BSN.

    Anyway, thanks for the input!
  5. by   knittygrittyRN
    St. Joe's is great ( I go there for nursing) but if you do get your ADN you can often join a bridge program to finish your BSN online. This might be a better option for you if you have a ton of student loans and want to try to work as a nurse and continue on with your education and minimize your debt.

    If you do still go to St. Joe's they will work with you for aid however a lot of the aid is being removed (I qualified for a ton of aid since I'm an independent student with high honors but it's given by the state which is doing away with aid to private colleges). And by no means is the school cheap as of this year full time nursing tuition is 30,000 for a commuter. You can always talk to financial aid to see what the actual costs are; they do try to help as much as they can and are super friendly (often I just drop by and I can just talk to the head of the department who personally helps me how many colleges can say that?)

    My other bit of advice is look into whether or not your nursing classes will transfer because often times the school won't accept them. I know a few girls in my program that were senior level nursing students and transferred and they made them redo all the nursing classes (basically to ensure that they were up to St. Joe's standard). If they won't not I say stick with Goodwin and then do a bridge program.
  6. by   mssjez
    I for one am also doing an ADN program for cost reasons. I plan on doing a bridge from RN to BSN once I graduate and start working. It's also good to note that many hospitals have tuition reimbursement programs if you are continuing your education in the same field. Good luck!