Talked to an admissions person at UConn yesterday

  1. I was told that I am a "very competitive applicant". As long as I keep my GPA above a 3.5 (average GPA of transfer students into the SON) I have a very good chance of getting in!!

    So now I'm switching around my whole plan. The plan was to do A&P 1&2 and apply to the CCCNP next cycle, but now I am going to take Physics, MAT 146 this fall, I have stats and genetics this summer and then A&P 1 and two and I'll be headed to Storrs!

    Yes, I'm dragging it out a little more, but I think I am making the right choice. My kids are still little (5&8) so I still have the flexibility to be home for them the next few semesters. Plus, I'll have a reduced schedule at UConn because all my gen ed classes will be done.

    And somewhere deep down inside of me feels as though getting a BSN without doing the ADN-BSN route will stick it to all those who don't think I can do it (i.e. mother in law )
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  3. by   CJ223
    That sounds like a great plan! (AND I hear ya on the "Outlaws" LOL!)

    How far is your commute to Storrs? I'm also keeping UConn in my back pocket, but I don't know that I can handle the commute...
  4. by   SwampCat
    It's about 40 minutes... all mostly route 6. Not that bad... unless I get a clinical site that is an hour west of UConn... then it will be nearly a 2 hrs commute!

    I'm saving my pennies for a good commuter car.... this Durango isn't going to cut it!