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  1. Can a single mother of two kids live comfortably in CT on a RN salary? My cousin is seriously thinking about moving to the Ct area from down south.
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  3. by   mattfd37
    It depends. What area does she want to live in? What kind of Nursing is she looking to do? How long has she been a nurse? Does she have something lined up already. If not, this is a very expensive State to be waiting around for a job especially with two kids. How old are her children? CT DOL states the avg salary is about $60,000. If it were me and I was already a Nurse somewhere, I'd stay til the economy picked up again and then try to move.
  4. by   sweetgeorgianurse75
    She been a nurse for 4 years and loved working with the elderly population. She was looking at West Hartford area. She wanted to know could she live comfortably with her two kids up there before she decide to make that change. thanks for any replies!
  5. by   cool12
    Ok This is what I know.
    Some people consider Connecticut as very being expensive!
    I will say otherwise. I am currently living in Connecticut and have no problems!
    Moreso I am not currently a Nurse but a student and working!
    Everyone's situation is different, you can get a very affordabe rent if you do your research.
    I have lived in down south which many people considers to be very affordable but when I moved here few months ago I am paying almost the same rent as my rent in the south.
    What I have learned is that where ever we live we can find something within our means.
    Remember I moved down to CT during the so called "recession" which many people regards an odd time to relocate and I am not a Nurse. I immediately found a job as soon as I moved here.
    In summary, I believe your cousin can make it if she loves to move to CTsince she already done a good job of havng a nursing degree. It is a great state that has a lot to offer!
    Some people may not live affordably in the most cheapest state in the country if they cannot live within their means!
    She will be fine , have her put her GPS in the car and she will get to everywhere in the state!
  6. by   sweetgeorgianurse75
    What area of CT do you live? And thanks for the positive comment I will definitely let her know. Thanks again!
  7. by   cool12
    I live in Meriden few minutes from wallingford and hartford which is the capital. Besides, it's two hrs from New york and Boston!
  8. by   NurseKeiKei
    I think the net change that your cousin will experience (cost of living & rate of pay) will be pretty insignificant. Where the cost of living may be lower in the South than it is up north, there is the trade off that the pay is higher, balancing out the difference. I agree with the above poster. You can live anywhere your heart desires if you simply live within your means. Tell your cousin to call a few nursing recruiters at area hospitals and ask about pay. Then she could call a couple of realtors and see what types of rent she would be in for. And lets not forget researching the schools that the kids will attend. Research is the name of the game here. I say she should go for it. We have some great hospitals here in CT (one just made the top 20 list) and I am sure she will find a job and living situation that fit her needs. Good luck to her.
  9. by   bunny8762
    It really depends on your def. of comfortable... and how expansive you want to live...
  10. by   nessam828
    What r some starting pay rates if u just finish nursing school?