Researching LPN programs near Fairfield, CT and I'm moving there.

  1. I'm just starting to research different nursing schools near Fairfield, CT. I'm currently in nursing school in SC. I may be moving to CT soon. Does anyone know if there is anyway that any of my nursing classes will transfer, or am I just going to be starting all over? Also I would appreciate any suggestions on good affordable nursing programs near Fairfield, CT. I'm debating on maybe starting out with an LPN program. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much
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    I'm a 33 yr old nursing student and I may have to transfer to fairfield CT. I'm researching LPN programs near there, just to maybe get me started.

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  3. by   Princess Mama
    The only LPN programs in CT are Lincoln Tech(32K), Stone Academy(about the same), & the CT Vo-Tech which only runs every 18 months, it's 10,xxx and is very, very competitive to get in to. Lincoln Tech in Shelton would be the closest to Fairfield other than the CT Vo- Tech @ Bullard Havens. The Vo-Tech is starting apps this fall for the Aug. 2012 class.
  4. by   CT Pixie
    About Lincoln Tech in Shelton, keep in mind that they have you fill out a form that states you are aware that your clinical sites/observational sites can up up to 50 miles from the Shelton campus...not 50 miles from your home..but from Shelton. I have never heard of them ever doing a clinical that far away..but they have that option if they need to do it.

    I went to the Shelton Lincoln Tech and we had clinicals in Waterbury..which would be a haul for someone coming from Fairfield.

    I'm confused. Are you currently IN LPN school or are you in an RN program. I don't think any of the private LPN schools allow transfer classes (regardless of them being LPN classes or RN classes). Your tuition is one set fee for classes. They don't charge by the class. Add in that your LPN school is out of State and CT and your State might have different requirements for classes, clinicals etc. I think you are just going to have to start from the beginning. But you could always call and find out.

    All the CT Community Colleges have affordable, good RN programs. The require pre-reqs and are VERY competitive. Bridgeport Hospital is partners with Housatonic Community College (both in Bridgeport, not far from Fairfield). St Vincent's is a private college that does their clinicals next door at St Vincent's medical center...costly..but has great rep. They are also in Bridgeport. There are quite a few private colleges in the Fairfield area..but again..very pricey.