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    Quote from studentnurseCT
    When you guys get in, make copies if your physical and immunization records before you turn them in. They lose that stuff too.
    Thanks for the heads up. I made my letter requesting review and I printed a second copy for a spot for the Director of Admissions to sign stating that they received this letter and the documents with the date. I'm covering my butt because it's so ridiculous!

    Thanks for the good wishes! I hope it gets straightened out as well. I can't lose my spot to be considered because of this! I did everything that was required of me. This completely ruined the nice night I was having after getting an A on that Micro exam!

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    I agree, allforthekidds, I was amazed that someone picked up. I called real early in the day so I think that may help anyone's chances of being answered, I'm willing to bet they are busiest between noon and before the office closes. I thought that number was low and second guessed what I heard. But maybe there just aren't as many applicants this year, who knows.

    Mssjez, did you have to pay out of pocket for your classes and then the school sent you a reimbersment check? I think that fees are due at the time of registeration, but when is the full payment due by? Will this kind of info be included in any packets in the mail along with (hopefully) the acceptance letter.
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    @motosteph -
    Last year in August I had to pay out of pocket until the reimbursement check and my loan check went through. Then, since they do financial aids by year (I think), the reimbursement check for the spring was applied to my account and all I had to do was pay the remainder. It still took about a month for my loans to process. I believe for those who are entering the nursing program in the fall, full payment is due by July 1st. Maybe someone who started last fall can confirm this...
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    Update: So I went to registrar yesterday before my class to straighten this out. They pulled my file and had my transcript there, with the "missing" required classes highlighted. The ladies said that because they had so many applicants and had to enter all of the information for transfer classes by hand into the computer that there were a lot of mistakes and many students were given letters of ineligibility by mistake. Not my problem. While I understand that they had more applicants than last year and people make mistakes, I expected a better/more organized system considering they are determining students' careers. They couldn't even tell me if my ineligibility for a seat in the program was corrected. They just told me that I should be fine, and they will begin reviewing files Monday. They aren't even sending out letters to let people know that it was corrected. We just have to wait until the nursing letters get sent out.

    Also, a guy in my Micro class said he also got a letter saying that he didn't have a computer class. He talked to them and told them that he had taken the computer test to substitute for the class. They said he needed the results sent to them for their records and asked where he took the test. His reply was "I took it here!" And the astonishment continues... At least it is hopefully cleared up.
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    Uugg, they shouldn't be allowed to have any excuses since WE aren't allowed to have any!!! So what if they had to "hand" type it into the computer, that is no excuse for their many mistakes. Like I said before, it's really annoying that they do not care about all of the hard work we put in to get to this point. I'm just baffled by your last paragraph, unbelievable!! I really hope you get good news next time you hear from them
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    Mssjez, I am sure it will be okay. I read some similar horror stories on last years board, and there was one quite similar to yours, and they ended up getting in just fine. We wonder why there is a nursing shortage crisis happening, well, here it is!
    Honestly, I would just keep calling and leaving messages, and emails etc. until they give you a solid answer. Bother them until they get sick of it and have no choice but to tell you it's all set.
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    how is everyone holding up? i need to find ways to redirect my thoughts..
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    I agree, i dont want to start thinking about the back-up plan, but it's there. If I dont get accepted I'm thinking about re-applying next year and becoming an EMT in the mean time, which i wish i had done years ago!! My veggie garden helps to consume my thoughts. Anyone else thinking these things and trying to occupy your minds?
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    My "ineligibility" was resolved! All the pre-reqs are listed as met, except for A&PII. When I really think about it, because I have a Bachelors and Masters degree, if I had started in the medical field I could be a Doctor by now But luckily my two jobs and school keep me busy and from thinking too much about how long we're waiting. Also I'm taking Micro and A&PII this semester and that helps keep me preoccupied also. Not much longer!!
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    So I just logged onto my Commnet, and the option to check my status has disappeared. Uh-oh. Anyone else? Great, now IM TERRIFIED. :bowingpur

    Im glad to hear that mssjez, that's awesome!! Im sure it takes a huge weight off your shoulders.

    My back-up plan is either the state LPN program (apps are due 4-30) or CNA license and then RN program.

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