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  1. by   nimopiba
    OK I will give you all a laugh at my expense. I opened an email on my phone from Gateway about half hour ago which read: "Sorry, the link was not working in your “ACCEPTANCE” email. I am attaching the document". So I practically fell down the stairs to get to the computer to open the link. Thinking it was THE acceptance letter I was super excited! I opened the link and it was my acceptance to Gateway not the nursing program. I am still waiting to find out like everyone else! LOL
  2. by   saramisu
    Lol, that happened to me. Except I just saw the acceptance letter for CCC and almost left my Micro class to give everyone the good news. I would have been kicking myself..........This wait keeps getting longer and longer and more and more painful
  3. by   Marija2012
    I applied to CCC nursing program (Fall 2012). My NGPA is not posted yet.
  4. by   motosteph
    I can't believe that they aren't going to post the GPA's. The past few weeks I have been checking mycommnet often, a little obsessively and I couldn't understand why it wasn't posted. I thought that I was missing requirements or something. I guess that's a bit of a relief. At least I can relax until April knowing that there is nothing to do but wait...with my fingers crossed.
  5. by   Marija2012
    Does anyone know why aren't they posting Gpa's this year?
  6. by   mssjez
    I didn't realize that they weren't posting NGPAs this year. Where did you hear that? I also did the same thing with the "acceptance" email from CCC. I was in class and received it as an email and started getting extremely excited. Then I read the rest and thought "duh, I'm already here!" On the upside we should know in 3-4 weeks! Last year they sent out letters in early April! It's getting closer!!
  7. by   lgal86
    i heard about the ngpa not being posted from the nursing admissions coordinator at NVCC
  8. by   saramisu
    Hopefully they'll give us the answer sooner if they're not posting the NGPA? A girl can dream. Commnet says at the top that they have everything required for consideration to check back often, i've certainly followed that direction! Maybe that means sooner this year...
  9. by   mssjez
    Hmmm... I didn't hear about them not posting NGPAs. I don't really know what that means or if its good/bad, etc. I guess we will see when we see.

    I still don't have all of my reqs from other colleges listed as "met" yet. They have my transcripts and posted that they received them in January on commnet. I know that the classes transfer because I went over them with the Nursing Coordinator at CCC to make sure last year. Maybe they just haven't gotten to me yet I don't know. I just want to find out!!!!!!
  10. by   nimopiba
    I know what you mean. I feel like my life is on hold until I know whether I got in or not. I feel like I can't make plans until I find out if I will be in school or not. I am trying not to become obsessed with knowing but at this point I don't think that I can help it. I am just glad that we won't have to wait too much longer although I think I will still be insane by then! LOL
  11. by   saramisu
    has anyone heard anything? I was doing okay for awhile, I think these next 2-4 weeks will probably be the worst. UGH! I'm super busy as it is, and I still constantly think about it, so Im not sure theres much I can do, hahaha.
  12. by   nef203
    Hi All,

    I heard letters will go out April 9th.... I emailed someone in admissions at Northwestern Comm College.
  13. by   mssjez
    So here's a story and I would love to hear if other people are experiencing this or did last year. I went to my Micro class last night and we had our second exam. A few of the people in my class were talking about getting letters from capital stating that they were missing some of the requirements. I spoke to the girl next to me and she had a pre-req that she took at TRCC and brought the transcripts to Capital before the deadline. They are now telling her that she is missing this admission requirement. So she's driving down to TRCC and physically getting the transcript to bring it to CCC by Monday. Because my pre-reqs from ECSU hadn't been listed as met on mycommnet, I've been nervous and made sure to check my mail last night. Behold! A letter from CCC stating that I'm ineligible for a seat in the nursing program due to unsatisfied admission requirements which were on my ECSU transcript, received by the college in January (the date is on mycommnet as well). It also states that if this is in error, I need to provide documentation and a letter requesting review by Monday. What the hell? I worked hard on the pre-reqs, got everything in on time, and now I have to jump through hoops because they didn't check my transcripts for transfered pre-reqs?? Seriously! I emailed the woman who sent the letter and let her know I will be by her office Thursday with documentation and a letter requesting review, but if this can be resolved by simply review the transcripts they already have on file, let me know. Seriously!!! So fustrating!!