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ooops... the other one had 2011 instead of 2012... let's try this again: Just thought I would start a new thread for the current application cycle. Questions... stats... rumors... etc! My... Read More

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    Quote from CJ223
    ooops... the other one had 2011 instead of 2012... let's try this again:

    Just thought I would start a new thread for the current application cycle. Questions... stats... rumors... etc!

    My question is... for those applying this cycle, how did you do on the TEAS V? Since this is the first year they are using this test, it would be nice to see how everyone is doing.

    (Please don't post TEAS 3 or TEAS 4 results, as the scores are NOT comparable with the TEAS V.)

    I am applying to bridge in to finish my RN. I am currently working as an LPN. I don't know what my GPA is yet since they need to configure it once my transcripts get to the school. My A&P I grade was an A, and my TEAS V score was 85.3%. I'm really hoping to get accepted, but once I do I have to wait until my "class" gets to the second year, then I'll join in to finish the last two semesters with them.

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    I took the teas v 3 times, 70's my first 2 tries and 81.3 on my third try. My gpa is 3.96 and got an A in A&P. I applied to NVCC and BHSN. I would be ecstatic to get into either, but I heard a lot of good things about BHSN.
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    FYI, I was waitlisted last year at GWCC with an 85.6 on the old version, an A in A&P I and a 3.05 (the GPA killed me)... But I was #126 on the waitlist, so people must have REALLY had some impressive stats. And I know quite a few people who got significantly higher than an 83, so it's not a myth.

    Took a LOT of classes to increase my GPA, studied my arse off for the TEAS and got an 87.3 on the new version (since last year, I've had A&PII, Micro & Chem, taken a math review course & all of that helped tremendously.)

    I have a close friend who did not get into the CC program (NVCC), but got into Yale's GEPN program. The CC's are insanely competitive (and from what I hear, GREAT programs). I agree to apply to other schools.

    I hope this year is my year! Good luck to everyone
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    I have applied for the 2012 school year, this has to be THE LONGEST wait ever. My GPA is a 3.97, TEAS V was an 83.3 (took it a few times, couldn't budge from this) and AP was an A. Hoping everything got in as planned, and that this time won't drag on so slowly. Capital is first choice, three rivers second. Good luck, you guys!
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    I also applied to begin in Fall 2012 with CCC as my first choice and NVCC as my second. My grade in A&P1 was A-, my Teas V score was 88.7%. My GPA is tricky. I have a Bachelor's and a Master's. The last 5 years of classes only goes to the Spring semester of my third year in the BA program. So averaging my Master, the pre-reqs I've done at CCC, and the year or so of classes from my BA plus pre-reqs for the program that were done before 2007 should put me around 3.7, I think. This should put my rank as a 91/100 if I'm doing it right. I did hear from my professor that CCC had about 400 applicants for the program this year and only have 160 spots. I'm freaking out a little bit. Anyone hear anything else?
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    Yes, freaking out. But there's no way to guess your rank without knowing what other people are applying wtih. And those are pretty good stats, did you mean one of the first 9 spots or last? I'd think that'll be toward the top third of applicants, not the bottom. I think you have a pretty good chance, so try not to freak out just yet Yes, WAY easier said than done. Last year people had NGPAs and course grades listed the first week of March, so we don't have too much longer to see how they calculated everything. I'm freaking out as much as you, I just want to know how they calculate my NGPA. Our stuff is pretty similar, A in A&PI, 87.3 TEAS V, and I THINK 3.65 GPA the way they calculate it. I totally should've replaced my math with a lower math and got an A in it & I'd have a much better shot. Kinda kicking myself in the arse right now for that :/
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    Did anyone take any pre-reqs from outside the CT Comm. Colleges? I took my comp class at St.Joe's, and was told it'd transfer in just fine, but I'm still waiting for it to say "met" under my application status. Although, they just posted today that they'd received all my transcripts, so 1/3 of the battle of the application process is won! Now just need to wait for the English class to post, which I would imagine would come soon since it seems like they're making some progress now, and then I need to know if I got in. This is absolutely nerve wracking. I've never wanted so quickly for time to move faster, ever!
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    We do have similar stats, I think we have a good chance. You asked a question about "And those are pretty good stats, did you mean one of the first 9 spots or last?" I think you were referring to my 91/100 rank. As far as I've heard other people talk about rank, it is determined by each of the components to be a percentage like a test score... so my rank would by 91% and the top scores are the 75% accepted by rank. I'm not completely sure on this. But I'm not sure how they rank the A&P score because it isn't a number, it's a letter grade. Also, a friend of my was talking to a counselor at Capital and he said that while there were that many applicants, some of the people who applied did so as a "hail mary" just to see if they get in. He also said that there were applicants with the bare minimum requirements for GPA, Teas, and A&P grades. That makes me feel a little better but I"m still anxious and this is the longest wait ever!

    I took many of my pre-reqs at ECSU: computer, math, english, psych, lifespan development, and the elective. The only courses I took at a CT Comm. College were Bio, Chem, A&P I and II, and now I am taking Micro as well. When I met with the counselor he said all of my previous courses would transfer. The only one he wasn't sure about was the lifespan class because it was at Southern and a Master's level. But he said I had quite a few psych classes and that they may be able to combine them to meet the course objective. We will see. My transcripts also listed as received just this week.
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    mssjez- ahhhhhh, i see said the blind man i was thinking you had a better shot than that! lol. i will keep my fingers crossed for you! i'm glad they changed it to 75% rank, 25% lotto this year, hopefully that helps.

    saramisu- i took a lot of classes outside the cc system & every single one of them transferred in. i was told that as long as the school has regional accreditation, it transfers in just fine. i'll be shocked if your classes from st joe's don't transfer.

    did both of your transcripts show up on the rn app status page today or somewhere else? if the rn app status page, are your last names at the beginning of the alphabet?
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    mine FINALLY showed up. Holy crap was that a relief. They showed up today, and I'm an "S" (dang it, just got married six months ago - - cursing my husband right now!!) @mssjez - did your pre-reqs from the other schools show up as met as well? NOt the acutal transcripts but the listed classes? I would be surprised too if the SJC english class didn't take - it transferred into MxCC as COMP 101, so it would only make sense, but I would feel a whole lot better to see that red "met".

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