Quinnipiac University Accelerated BSN program, Class of 2013

  1. Hey all, I was accepted into the QU Accelerated BSN program for the upcoming class of 2013. I just made this thread to see if anyone else on this forum was accepted as well (and as a means to network). I'm also curious where everyone is coming from, what you did before getting into this program, what degrees you hold, etc.. Congrats to anyone that was accepted! I look forward to meeting everyone.
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  3. by   martad09
    I was accepted but am unsure if I will 100% attend. I am deciding between this and a Master's program and my time is limited. Although I am super excited to be accepted, I worry about the pace of the program and the fact that it is Quinnipiac!! I am unsure of the summer months, the fall/spring seem fine, but it's the summer ones that are making me worry. Any thoughts going through your mind?
  4. by   Nhrt25
    Hi everyone,

    I was accepted to Quinnipiac too. I'm pretty sure than I will be attending since I didn't apply anywhere else. I like that the program is short but I'm really worried about how hard it will be. I wish I knew someone who went thru the program so they could provide me some insight.

    To answer your question I am from CT (so I will be commuting from home) and I have a B.A. in psychology. I don't have experience in a medical setting so I'm hoping it won't put me at a disadvantage. But I'm glad that this forum is here so I can get to know people and share my worries with them .

    Oh, and to martad09, I think it was said at the information session I attended that most students like the summer classes because they get used to the schedule. It's actually the Fall semester thats supposed to be really tough - if I am remembering correctly.
  5. by   ams1887
    I just stumbled on this thread... I was accepted into the accelerated nursing program at Quinnipiac as well and will be attending. I agree it seems like it's going to be difficult, but I think it will be worth it in the end. I'm also from Connecticut, so I too will be commuting from home. I currently hold my BA in history. I attended Quinnipiac previously for my MAT but ended up not completing the degree, because teaching just wasn't for me. I have some medical office experience but nothing really clinical. Hope to meet some of you at orientation!
  6. by   martad09
    I was able to talk to a friend of a friend's sister who is currently in the program and she said that the summer days were long, but that the fall was the hardest semester. Right now she said the spring is at a nice pace.

    I plan on attending orientation, and I would also be commuting. It is just a very expensive program to go through!
  7. by   slatst02
    hi all, congrats on being admitted. i am just 2 weeks from graduating from the accelerated program at quinnipiac. it's a rough ride in the beginning but definitely gets easier for sure- and worth it!
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  8. by   charms31
    Hi. I'm going to QU for the accelerated program this Fall. How big is the entering class? How long are the days? I'm moving from Houston so I'm going to visit at the end of the month to apartment hunt in New Haven. I'm looking at the East Rock/Downtown area. I could use any and all help/info about the program and living in CT! Thanks.
  9. by   Dreamer010
    Hi everyone, i know this is a pretty old thread, but I am a QU class of 2015 ABSN hopeful. I just finished having all my supporting documents sent in and my application went complete ready for review. I know on the website it states that applicants will be notified starting March 1st, but i have been seeing on many of these threads that applicants find out between December- Feb. I was wondering when you guys were accepted for your cohort. Thanks in advance!