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  1. Program just started in January. I wonder if any current students can update us on this program. School was going to get certification depending on the 1st class.

    I would imagine you are doing your clinicals at Charlotte Hungerford. Could you update us on that too?

    Thank you.
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  3. by   Vet91bravo
    One of the NCCC Nursing students here. The program is pretty amazing. There are currently 21 of us in the program. We will have 3 LPNs joining us in the fall bringing our official count to 24. The program is being taught by three professors, who are amazing. We have class on tuesday nights and our clinicals are on friday and saturdays from 2:30 pm to usually 9:30 pm. We are currently getting signed off on our clinical skills so we can be allowed into our clinical sites. For this semester we will be split into three groups and sent to one of three clinical sites. Those being Geer Village in South Canaan, Litchfield Hills in Torrington, and McLean in Simsbury. We should be starting in these sites within the next 2 weeks.

    In regards to Charlotte Hungerford, we wont be going there until we start our Med-Surg semester. Since we are a new program we are learning as we go. We have to be able to improvise and adapt to whatever comes at us, which will only make us better nurses. The professors are very informative and each of them are highly motivated. The school has hired lab techs to staff our training lab so we can train on our free days. We also have two tutors that help reinforce our lectures if we have any questions. Since we are an accelerated program there is alot of emphasis on the fact that we have to do a majority of what we learn on our off time. This means there is alot of online resources that we have at our disposal.

    I hope this answers your questions. Also don't be afraid to ask more.
  4. by   jdoll
    Another NCCC nursing student. I would just like to add their is only 24 of us and we became close net group. Vet91bravo did a great job answering.......
    Jessica did you apply?