Northwestern Nursing program

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    Hi everyone,
    I was just wondering if anyone applied to Northwestern for January?
    I did, I spoke to Hartford and she states she has 80 applicants for 24-25 spots.....
    Should hear after Columbus day....
    Good Luck to everyone.
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    I have also applied. Good luck!
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    did you get a response yet?
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    NO! I Have been checking my mail with anticipation for the last few days. Hoping to find out soon! Have you heard?
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    not yet!!!!!!!
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    Did you go on the courses and check the hours? It only shows tuesday.... That puzzled me
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    I received my letter today!! Got accepted......Sooooo Excited and Scared!
    How about anyone else?
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    I got my letter yesterday! I got accepted as well. See you in January!
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    Perfect......See you before january... orientation and everything else!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I also received an acceptance letter on friday. Have they said anything about orientation yet?