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Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone applied to Northwestern for January? I did, I spoke to Hartford and she states she has 80 applicants for 24-25 spots..... Should hear after Columbus... Read More

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    Not yet but I heard they are cutting the ribbon to the nursing Lab on Nov 5.
    I would like to know the rest of the schedule it cannot only be one day a week.
    do you guys live local, I am in Naugatuck.
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    I live in collinsville, so it's a quick commute for me.
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    Did you receive you invite for the lab opening? are you going? I will be there as long as I can get someone to work for me.
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    OMG! Did you all know that this is a night course? I had no idea! I didn't go to any information sessions because I had gone to others before. I don't know what I"m going to do!
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    It is all night and you go through the summer too
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    What?!? Where does it say this? I don't remember ever seeing anything about that! If so, I am not going to be able to attend. I am so disappointed.
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    I just sent you a personal message to call me if you want
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    I went to the info session. Maybe that is where i got the info. Accelerated program at night. Graduate in May of 2012. Just waiting for them to post the rest of the hours. will be attending the lab opening on the 5th of November. why dont you see if you can get a hold of someone on monday to inquire. Hope you can go.