New LPN trying to find his way back home.

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    I just passed my NCLEX and now im a LPN, the problem is that i got licenced in the state of Texas becuase I am a reservist in the military and thats where my training site was. I am a reservist so I am coming home in another week and I just found out that CT is not a compact state so I need to transfer my licence into a CT one. What I dont know is how to go about doing this. Can anyone anyone help me out?
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    yes, i think this link will help. it's in pdf format. go down to page 5 and look under "endorsement of an out of state license":

    if that does not help, try calling the ct dept of health:

    [color=#003399]agency informationphone:(860) 509-7603 mail address:department of public health, lpn licensure, 410 capitol ave., ms# 12app, p.o. box 340308, hartford, ct 06134-0308 website