need advice - on waiting list for ncc nursing program - again!

  1. So I applied to the nursing program at Norwalk Community College for 2012. I got put on the waiting list for Jan 2012. This is my second time on the list and I feel like I have a very slim chance of getting in. As of right now I'm #7. I have until Jan for them to offer me a spot. I'm married and have a 5 year old daughter which makes it a bit challenging applying to anywhere else because of the commute...Not sure what to do if i dont get accepted again. I also don't want to spend years reapplying and waiting because eventually I do want to have another child (ideally not too far apart from my first), and don't want to have a newborn while i'm in the program...Any advice? I'm so desperate to get in and start my career, i hate the wait Thanks in advance for the advice!
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  3. by   delawaremalenurse
    you need to meet with your advisor and find out what needs to be done to make you more competititive in the application process
  4. by   marcella00
    I did speak with him and he said if I don't get in for January I can reapply for Fall 2013..and IF i dont get in again, I can go for my LPN which would take about 1 year (program starts jan'14) then i can do the bridge program at NCC, but i would still need to apply and there is no guarantee for a by then it would be 2 years down the line and i would just be starting the program...didn't make too much sense to me. The other option he gave would be reatkig my TEAS and getting a better score.