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Hello all, I am a new grad that graduated in May 2009 and that lives here in Connecticut. I personally am having a really hard time finding a job. How are the rest of the new grads doing? How much should I be asking for? Ive... Read More

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    Quote from Bobbkat
    I'm in Groton too. Do you know when Backus is accepting applications for their next GN residency program? Also, when it would start?
    I just keep telling myself that anywhere is better than Michigan right now, at least. And at least my husband has a good job. And at least there ARE job postings, even if you have to fight with 700 applicants to get an interview. In Michigan there aren't any postings to even apply for. Sigh....I graduated in 2003 with a degree in El Ed, but there were no teaching jobs in MI (our economy TANKED way before this recession was ever announced), went to Nursing school thinking I would finally have a job. How FRUSTRATING! Sorry...just venting.
    Good luck everyone! I hope that you are all able to find positions soon.

    The nurse recruiter will not return my calls about the residency program.
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    That's frustrating. I hope that the announcement that the recession is over (and how exactly was that decided??) helps ease the situation some. I haven't tried calling Backus yet, I just sent them an email. They didn't respond. I sent one to the residency program in Hartford (is it at Hartford Hosp or New Britain...I can't remember) and did receive a response from them, at least. I'm trying not to freak....just finish school, take my boards, and then....well....I'll just try not to freak out.
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    As of today, Dec 3, 2009, I have finished the residency program at Backus Hospital. It was a wonderful program. I would highly recommend it to any and all interested in an intensive learning program that is going to give you valuable experience to take on your career through nursing. The staff at Backus is the best. Applications are being accepted through Look under carrers and look up nursing professional and then it gives the application requirements. There are a few parts to it so make sure you complete it all.
    Again, this was an awesome experience that I would recommened to everyone. But apply soon while applications are still available. Best of luck to you all!
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    Good luck! All I can say is, stick to it, don't give up! Try to schmooze as much as possible with the recruiters in the peri-interview time space... e-mail them before you apply, and if you went to a job fair, mention it! Find a couple taglines that you feel comfortable saying ("I was drawn to your hospital/facility because.....") and build up around that. Be as personable as possible in the interviews! Apply EVERYWHERE, you will find something somewhere! Good luck!
    p.s. I am a May grad also. I work at a hospital, on their medically-complex-long-term care unit. If i can do it, so can you!
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    I am just as frustrated as many new graduates are in trying to get a job I have been a nurse for awhile and it is so challenging, the state and media keep telling the public about the nursing shortage, have you ever seen a story about the unemployed nurses.
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