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May Grads and jobs - page 2

Hello all, I am a new grad that graduated in May 2009 and that lives here in Connecticut. I personally am having a really hard time finding a job. How are the rest of the new grads doing? How... Read More

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    Good luck! All I can say is, stick to it, don't give up! Try to schmooze as much as possible with the recruiters in the peri-interview time space... e-mail them before you apply, and if you went to a job fair, mention it! Find a couple taglines that you feel comfortable saying ("I was drawn to your hospital/facility because.....") and build up around that. Be as personable as possible in the interviews! Apply EVERYWHERE, you will find something somewhere! Good luck!
    p.s. I am a May grad also. I work at a hospital, on their medically-complex-long-term care unit. If i can do it, so can you!
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    I am just as frustrated as many new graduates are in trying to get a job I have been a nurse for awhile and it is so challenging, the state and media keep telling the public about the nursing shortage, have you ever seen a story about the unemployed nurses.