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Looking for Goodwin College Testimonials

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    This is my first time on the forum. I just enrolled in my first semester of prerequisites at Goodwin College. I'm hoping to take care of all of my prerequisites within the next year and hopefully then progress into the Associate RN Program . I've seen some mixed emotions about the program so far, and I'd appreciate some up to date testimonials about the quality of Goodwin's Nursing Program. I'm a graduate of the University of Connecticut where I studied Kiniesiology/Athletic Training, and hope to bring some skills from that selective program into a nursing career. I'm not too happy that my AP I and AP II are outdated, but what can you do.
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    HI, I am currently in the Nursing program at Goodwin, I just started this past semester. So far so good! The professors are amazing and clinical instructors are all very experienced veteran nurses. The school offers so much support to help you do well and meet the extremely high expectations they have for their students. There is a lecture and lab tutor available two days a week starting the first week, and there is no additional charge for these services. It is great to have lecture and then meet with the tutor to solidify your understanding of the material. My experience with the school prior to getting in was mixed. Some teachers are so-so, some should not be teachers, and others are amazing. The school itself is beautiful, but the "business" side of it can be complicated to deal with at times. Good luck in your studies!
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    Which clinical rotations would you recommend for your first semester?
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    I was a little suprised to see that the clinicals that are being offered for the May start are all 7am to 4pm....I thought they offered some evenings? Is there a lot of swapping for the clinicals at orientation? I am just worried I will get stuck with a weekend and I work weekends. Also, which sites are good sites to work at?
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    There are a lot of options for non weekend clinicals that i think you will be fine. I personally think it will be harder to get a weekend clinical rotation. Clinical rotations are chosen by lottery I guess we all draw numbers and chose what we want when our number is drawn. Im sure it will be fine.
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    I hope so because I am only able to do a tuesday or wednesday clinical. I talked to my advisor and she said that when a student has trouble with the clinical days that they are stuck with, the school will offer incentives to another student to switch with them. I also found out that you need a flu shot to start the clinicals. I am still trying to get the paperwork from having that done. Can't wait to start....so excited!!!
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    Well, i got the clinical i wanted. Thank God
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    me too....I was surprised everyone wanted days. Are you in the day or evening class?
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    I am in the evening class and my clinical is on tuesday.
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    Go to Three Rivers! Nearly a 100% pass rate on the NCLEX on the first try!