Lincoln Tech LPN Day Program in New Britain in Sept/07.

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    [font=fixedsys]is there anyone who will be going to lincoln technical institute lpn day program starting september 10, 2007 in new britain. [font=fixedsys]i am asking because i would love a study buddy to get through the program with.
    [font=fixedsys]isnt it a good idea.
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  3. by   ANTHONY0320
    Hmmm where do I start....lets start by saying please GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN...if you is a decent school but trust me when i say...There is a lot of ******** that comes with going to Lincoln Tech...There are a couple of really great teachers but there are some real RETARDS that shouldn't be teaching and should probably go throw themselves off a 400 story building...its a good school per say...but it is very self-teaching school...its expensive out of pocket and if you can get into something else you might want to try it...I am in Mod 2 at this point and yes I am actually doing great but it is a lot of stress that sometimes seems POINTLESS...There is good and bad and if you do end up attend Lincoln then i wish you the best off luck...if you ever need any help then just ask cause i would be more than happy to pass on what ever knowledge to you that i have gained for name is BreTT
  4. by   rickt83
    I am currently in mod 3 and about to start mod 4 in the evening program. Plan on tons of studying, and if you are not ready to study than don't bother going. You CAN NOT have a personal life while going to this school. This program is your life and as stated I dont think it is worth the money, correction I know it is not worth the money. If I had to do it all over again I would have waited on a list or quit my job and gone to a state school with a day lpn program for like $6000 and struggled with life for that year or whatever rather than have to deal with the stuff I have had to in the passed 13months I have been at lincoln.

    With that said, I wish you luck and please please please put a lot of effort into it if you decide to go, otherwise you are just another number in the total of students that went and failed.
  5. by   Nobeck
    Hi, I am currently in the process of signing up for the LPN program at Lincoln Tech New Britain campus. I have read your posts and am very weary about the programs. At this point I have no other opinion and I must move forward. I need any feedback/info/etc that may help in my quest to becoming a great Nurse! Thanks. P.S Hope that both Rick and Anthony was successful and have become Nurses.