Lincoln Tech Hamden CT or work on getting my pre reqs to get into a 2 year RN program

  1. Hi i recently got accepted into Lincoln Tech LPN program but I am having reservations and wondering if I should just take the longer route and start from scratch. there is really no real emergency on to why I need to complete any program fast other than I ffeel like I just should have done this along time ago, I have a job it's not the best but it's not the worst, I have four son, I have a house. I do find myself paying out alot more than I bring in but I am trying to find a balance until I complete a program. I want to be a Nurse and I want to be a good Nurse i'm just not sure what route to go but I am surely rethinking the route of LPN first.
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  3. by   CT Pixie
    Instead of taking out loans for that HUGE tuition (yeah, I'm a Lincoln Tech grad..June '08), go right for the RN. You will save a ton of money! Get your pre-reqs out of the way and just do the RN. I'm an LPN in an LPN to RN bridge course. If things had worked the way I had hoped, I was going to go right for RN. If time isn't an issue for you, honestly, doing the RN will take LESS time than doing the LPN to RN. Lincoln is what..15 months or so, then you'll have to get in all your pre-reqs for an RN program which can take a year or better. Honestly its quicker to get through the RN program than the LPN to RN route..however, the added time might come in if you aren't admitted to your choice RN program right away.

    I am by no means bashing LPN's..I AM one. But the job opportunities for LPN's have very quickly shrunk here in CT. When I first graduated school there were jobs abound, now I check and there is very little out there. And much less for new grads.