Is this legal?

  1. I am a recently graduated RN and the hospital that I am currently employed at as a nurse assistant will not hire me as a RN because I graduated from Excelsior College. I heard that they had a bad experience with two people who were hired in the past who also graduated from this college. My question is it legal for them not to allow me to apply for a RN job?
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  3. by   SrNaOnMyWaY
    No one can stop you from applying, but they don't have to hire you either.
  4. by   CRudlerRN
    But can they not hire me based on where I graduated from? I did receive my ASN and I have a valid RN license now.
  5. by   SrNaOnMyWaY
    That is their choice. They have the right not to interview you or respond to your application, just like any other company. Unfortunately, if they don't want to hire anyone that graduated from your program they don't have to. There are so many new nurses looking for jobs they can afford to be picky about who they will spend the $ training. I would apply elsewhere as well as there. Did they tell you this directly or did you hear it through the grapevine?
  6. by   CRudlerRN
    I was told directly from H.R.
  7. by   SrNaOnMyWaY
    Ugh, then it's pretty clear they don't want to hire anyone from that program. I'm sorry its not fair at all for them to judge all new RNs from a program based on a couple of "bad eggs". Move on, the fight is not worth it and you will lose in the end.
    Go somewhere that will give you a chance and appreciate your talents :spin:
  8. by   CRudlerRN
    Thanks for the chat...I have applied elsewhere, but the waiting game is getting very frustrating especially because I think if only my current workplace would give me a chance! I've been there over 3 and a half years!
  9. by   SrNaOnMyWaY
    Good luck!
  10. by   scrapbookingmom2
    Did you have a good relationship with the nursing staff on your unit? Unfortunately, I see that all of the time with CNA's that become new grads. The nurse's judge how they think they will be as a nurse by how they liked them as an aide. It doesn't seem very fair or very nice. Good luck to you! I know it's very hard for new grads right now.
  11. by   CRudlerRN
    Yes, I have a great relationship with my current nursing staff. Human Resources is the one making this decision...I got complimented all the time by my patients saying how great of a nurse I was going to be. :-)..oh well though, time to move forward
  12. by   SrNaOnMyWaY
    Have you talked with the charge nurse or clinical manager about it? Maybe they have some insight about it.
  13. by   CRudlerRN
    Yeah, my manager said there's nothing she can do about it....
  14. by   caliotter3
    They can hire who they want to hire, they can refuse to hire who they do not want to hire. Best to look for work where you have a chance walking in the door. Pretty low of them, if you ask me, considering you have already proved yourself a good employee.