how can they see the real me...Bridgeport hospital app

  1. Ok. I am doing what many of you do or did, which is pouring over my app too afraid to sent it. The thing is is that I have a BS from UCONN in Biology which runs my transcript with some pretty impressive course work like 387 Biochem, four years or calculus and physics and a handful of other things that don't pertain to nursing school. There are a few c's floating around even a F once in physics so my GPA is pretty shot, 2.9. On the other hand I have A s and B s in all my pre recs, I scored 90 on my teas last year and I will take them again and I founded UCONN Global Medical Brigades last years and lead everyone on a trip to Honduras and I have a strong involvement in the special needs community. The people reading my app will know nothing of this except from my personal statement writing about my fist day of camp for people with and without special needs. They wont know that I failed physics because it had nothing to do with my major and I wanted to focus in my Independent study that semester that was actually relevant, that i worked full time through college to pay tuition, that I speak multiple languages and in general, that I am a participating member of society, inquisitive, and hard working. But really, all I am looking for one of you to tell me "you'll do fine" or "no way jose! you are not getting in with that GPA even if you were the SG of the United states!"
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  3. by   ORnurseCT
    Tell them about the real you in your essay