Goodwin RN program - 2011 updates question

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    Hello everyone:

    Does anybody has any updates on Goodwin, what are your thoughts of it now, 2011?

    What hospital (s) Goodwin uses for clinicals?

    Are you having trouble finding jobs after graduating from this school too?

    Anything new, need to know, etc.

    Thank you.

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    I am in the Goodwin Nursing program. It is not a program I would recommend to anyone. I have great grades, but all I am is a glorified CNA. The school is so afraid of being turned away from hospitals, that they let the CNA's give feedback about the students. The CNA's are thrilled because they get a free ride while we are there. Forget about learning real nursing, if you are good student, you will pass the classes, and the NCLEX, but you will have no nursing skills. Over 40K to be a CNA. Now let me tell you about their fasle advertising, they say they are a nights and weekend school, but they can't really get instructors for Saturday clinicals, so once you are in the program, they tell you, we made no promises about Saturdays. If you can go elsewhere, I strongly suggest it !
    Signed a Goodwin STudent who will be an RN soon, just wished I picked a better school.

    PS. some clinicals are at St. Francis. No problem getting a CNA job there. ha ha. Forget about a nursing job, Goodwin doesn't prepare you for nursing jobs.
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    Thank you for your update. I am so sorry to hear that.
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    Goodwin Student,
    I am really sorry to hear that as well! I am actually currently at goodwn as well, but not yet in the nursing program, i am planning to apply for the fall 2011. How far along are you in the program? Is the availability of clinicals and the lack of what they allow you to do in clinicals your only complaint? I am worried now about the night and weekend clinicals not being available! I'd love to hear anything else you might have to say about it!? Have you tried talking to the program director or the clinical teachers as to why you don't get more hands on nursing clinical training? If you dontmind me asking, how many points did you get in with?
    Thank you for all of your input! it is helpful hearing about these programs from the people who are actually going through them!
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    I have one more semester left in Goodwin's nursing program. My complaint about the program is the quality of the clinical instructors and limited actual nursing experience received. I have heard that the lack/limited weekend clinicals is a significant concern for many students. I had no problem getting in, I scored in the 99% on the NLN, and almost max'd out on the rest of the available points. I have not heard of anyone getting in below 20 points. Be sure to capitalize on the 2 points for community service, and I recommend taking the NLN again to ensure you get the full 10 points.
    The program is alot of work, but doable. My only complaint is really about the clinical experiences available.
    Good luck.
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    I just graduated from Goodwin and start my first RN job on Monday. All of my clinicals were nights and weekends!
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    You then are very lucky. My cohort continues to get screwed each semester surrounding Saturday clinicals. It appears just as we reach a new semester they can't find Saturday clinical instructors, and when they do, they are terrible ! Many of the other cohorts are not experiencing this issue. Unfortunately we are. So for future students, be very careful, if you must have a Saturday clinical, Goodwin will not guarantee one. Would not recommend this program.
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    I know that other programs will assign you a clinical with no choice given. I had three saturday clinicals (they were not my first choice but that is all that was open by time I got chosen) I went to Seabury (which was nothing to brag about) I also went to Hospital for Special care (Which was the best clinical ever!!) and I went to Midstate. I also had evening clinicals at St. Francis and Bradley. Hopefully they will get that sorted out going forward. I had a good experience at Goodwin. Felt very prepared for the NClex and passed in 75. Goodwin RN what semester are you in?
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    Just entering my 4th semester.
    This is not a weekend friendly school once you are in the Nursing program.
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    Hang in there. It will all work out in the end!! Good Luck!

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