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Hello everyone: Does anybody has any updates on Goodwin, what are your thoughts of it now, 2011? What hospital (s) Goodwin uses for clinicals? Are you having trouble finding jobs after graduating from this school too?... Read More

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    That is 210 right? If you can get Laura at Hospital for special care on Sat or Sunday you will have an awesome experience.

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    I am a current Goodwin student, and so far I have been pretty happy with my clinical choices. I don't mind doing "CNA" work (as a pp complained about), and I have always been able to get a clinical that works for me. However, my schedule is such that I don't need a weekend clinical, and I agree that it can be difficult for those who do. I think we only have one weekend option for the coming semester.
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    i transferred from CCSU to Goodwin and went there for almost two years. I finished all my pre-reqs at Goodwin, including all my science classes. I applied to Goodwin's Nursing program 3 times (you can only apply of a MAX of 3 times) and i did NOT get in. I had 17 points. What hurt me what my NLN score, which i also took 3 times (you can only take it a MAX of three times at Goodwin). So good luck to what you want to do, but i think goodwin is a rip off. All they want is your money. Dont get me wrong i loved how it was a small school and the teachers for the most part are really nice. but when it comes to guidance and what to do, you don't get any of that at goodwin. i have been out of goodwin since summer 2010 and have been trying to figure out what to do. i want to be a registered nurse so i am looking at applying for Capital and Bridgeport's Nursing programs for the fall of 2012, since it is too late to apply for this coming fall. I thought that i would have gotten into goodwins nursing program (students told me you will always get in by the 3rd time applying, which didnt happen for me) so i relied all on getting into goodwin and never applied to other schools. so now i have to wait a whole other year to apply to schools and i dont know what to do with myself. so goodluck at goodwin, but im telling you now, if you dont have atleast 19 or 20 points, leave while you can. becuase the cut off it usually 20 or more points.
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    I started at Goodwin in the Summer of 2010, finished all my pre-requisites in the fall and applied for the Spring 2011 nursing program with 19 points -- I did not make it. The cut-off was 21. I did not have any points for community service, but scored the maximum 10 points in the NLN pre-admission test. After completing over 40hrs of community service I made it into this current program (Summer 2011). My experience at Goodwin College, overall, has been excellent. I currently work full time and take NUR100 in the evening 5-8pm and have clinical on Fridays. Someone mentioned that Goodwin does not have a weekend clinical, well, that is incorrect; Goodwin in fact does have a weekend clinical. I would recommend Goodwin to anybody, very often we are quick to put blame on the system for failing when in reality it was us who failed. It's not about the teachers or their system, Goodwin provides you with the tools to achieve your goals, it's up to you to step up to the challenge and make it happen for yourself.
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    what was the cut off for points for the summer 2011 start?
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    If you make it into the program, they won't let you know what the cut off was. They will let you know the cut off if you don't make it. When I tried to get into the program in the Spring, I didn't make the cut as it was 21 and I only had 19.
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    how has your first semester in gone so far? I'm anxiously waiting for my acceptance letter for the Fall semester.

    I'm not sure if you have a medical background or not, but I don't (or have very limited experience...I doubt volunteering at Bristol Hospital for three summers in high school counts), and I'm a little nervous about what the first clinical experience is going to be like. I feel like I'd be going in blind.

    How are your instructors?
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    Hi Jules,

    I don't have any background in the field at all. My background is in sales/real estate/information technology. So no experience for me either. First few clinicals are at the school watching videos, and working with the dummies and with your peers (at least that's what we did). I just recently had my first experience at the clinical facility and I have to tell you that I enjoyed it immensely.

    My clinical instructor is awesome, she is very thorough and has many years experience in the field (RN for many years with a masters going for her PhD.)

    ******* and ****** are just phenomenal, they know what they are talking about -- many years of experience as RNs -- and lecture is never boring.

    When people ask me what school I go to, I always get a positive response when I tell them that I go to Goodwin.

    I'm proud to be a RN student at Goodwin -- and no, I don't work for them nor do I get paid for saying it.

    Jules, you'll do fine as long as you stick with it. Get into a study group early on and you will succeed. You have to have that "sticktoitiveness"!

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for the quick response!

    I feel better about starting now. I'm finishing up my pre-reqs this semester and it just seems like most of my classmates are already in the makes me feel way behind before I even start!

    I get a positive response went I tell people I'm at Goodwin also. The school, especially the nursing program, has a great reputation.

    Thanks again...good luck on the rest of your semester!
    AP2 and MicroBio won't be the death of me yet...I've got that sticktoitiveness!
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    Hi everyone!! Im still so excited as I got my acceptance letter and I start with the Goodwin nursing cohort this FALL!!!!! I has 22 pointsCongrats to all of you who also made it, I look forward to meeting you all in August
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