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Hello. I am wondering if any current or recently graduated nurses from Goodwin College in CT can tell me how many points they had when they were accepted into the nursing program? I will be applying this fall and I think I'll... Read More

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    Cristina,That amazes and scares me that you say that. What are you at for points? It has to be borderline getting in since you're scoring so well on the nln.

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    Has anyone gotten their acceptance letter yet?!!! I got mine yesterday! So relieved and excited to get started this fall!
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    Hi sephilli88, I have to put my foot in my mouth! I just found out I was accepted yesterday. I wasn't expecting it so when I saw the package from Goodwin I had no idea what it was. I am so happy to finally have made it in. See you in the fall! I will be taking my class in the evening.
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    Congrats!! I'll be doing evenings as well. See you in August.

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