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Good morning! I am a current LPN working on pre-requisites for application to the CCC-NP for Fall 2013! I'm taking most of my courses at Holyoke Community College and hope to transfer to... Read More

  1. by   toonsis
    Oh helenahandbasket I hope your mother is ok now. I am barely holding things together myself, all my transcripts are arriving now
  2. by   july06
    Toonsis, the CC's do take the date of the chicken pox disease because that shows immunity. And your transcripts have to be in on Feb 1st. I am panicking about this because I haven't recieved my final grade for my winter class from Capital yet and it takes 7-10 business days for them to get the whole process done.
  3. by   toonsis

    Same here with my winter grade from Capital. The good thing is that when I requested my other Community College transcripts it said 5 business days, which should be enough time, provided the grades get posted today. I may call Capital today. Let me know if you here anything.

  4. by   HelenaHandbasket
    Yes, Toonsis, my mom is doing better now. She's developed some bilateral lower leg edema that the doctor says is from her pulmonary edema which is what caused her pneumonia which is how she ended up on the ventilator, but she's on Lasix for a few days and hopefully that will resolve.

    I just took my A&P final yesterday and will take my Statistics final tomorrow. I'm *really" hoping that as long as we have our *request* for the transcripts in by the 1st we will be ok. I don't know.

    I can get an unofficial copy of my high school transcripts myself and will stop at my Drs office to get copies of my blood work. I'm going to show up on the doorstep of Admissions on Friday morning and refuse to leave until I am processed and in the system so I can do the online application.

    July, I am encountering the same thing. I think I withdrew or had a C+ in a math class I took the summer after I graduated from high school that is going against my GPA. I hope it doesn't bring me down too much. Maybe they won't count it in my Nursing GPA since I'll have the Statistics grade?

    We can do this ladies!! Some might decide that all these barriers we are encountering is a sign we aren't meant to be doing this but I refuse to accept that! I have never allowed a barrier of any kind to come in between me and my goals! I'm not afraid of challenges and I will overcome these as well!!
  5. by   july06
    Helena, your high school transcripts have to be official to count as proof of high school completion.
  6. by   NurseWannaBe86
    Hi Guys! Just want to mention a few urgent things. I got accepted last year, and believe me, I went through a lot of trouble with my transcript. If they're not official and not in by February 1st, then you're in big trouble. My problem was that 2 years before I applied I had my transcript from a different community college sent in in middle of January, and guess what, I didn't know that the classes on this transcript were still listed as "In Progess", as the final grades weren't posted yet. Of course I didn't know of that, because I never saw the transcript, it was sent from one college to the other. And guess what happened later, I got the "unaccepted letter" in the mail in March. I was able to fix it, but it cost me a whole day of driving around between the schools, writing a claim, and negotiating with the schools. What I"m trying to say is, that if you really want to be in this program, you gotta be on time with everything and on top of things. Once you get accepted, there's another million things to do WITH DEADLINES. It's a very busy and challenging program, but doable if you keep up with things. Make sure ALL of your transcripts are OFFICIAL and in before February 1st. And make copies of EVERYTHING you hand in, and ask them for a stamp (and signature). that's what I did after the issue with the transcript, at least you have proof of handing things in. And now the new semester starts, that's why I think you should go in person with anything you can, as the schools and offices are very busy dealing with the start of the new semester and thousands of current students. Good luck everyone! I know the deadlin is comning up, but if you give them what they want, you'll be fine!
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  7. by   NurseWannaBe86
    @Helenahandbasekt: don't worry about the blood work, you only need that if you're accepted. some people, including me, spend over $600 (no insurance). and your PPD test is only valid if done after May 1st. So don't spend the money on it now and don't worry about it now. right now only focus on your application and get all OFFICIAL transcripts
    once you're accepted, you'll get another big packet in the mail with many forms, including the health forms and orientation date. also, wait with the CPR certification until at least May, so it is good for the 2 years you're in the program. all that can be taken care off once you'll get the second mail in May
  8. by   HelenaHandbasket
    I've requested them already and they are already at the school probably, they just haven't processed them yet so I still can't access the online application. I figured if I brought at least an unofficial copy they would admit me so I could complete the application.

    The Admissions Director there called me and left me a message that I am all set but I still can't access commnet. edu to complete the app. My Banner ID# is there but my NetID "does not exist". This is now the second full week of me working with three different departments to get it resolved. I just don't know what else I can do!
  9. by   HelenaHandbasket
    The school wouldn't accept my general application without proof of my immunizations which I don't have so I had to get the blood work to show the titers that prove my immunity. I have had my official transcripts sent but they haven't processed them yet, so they can't process my general application without those either apparently.

    I still haven't been able to access the online application because they haven't gotten my general application straightened out yet. I have spent hours and days on the phone and emailing various people to try and get it fixed and it's still not.
  10. by   NurseWannaBe86
    HelenaHandBasket: Ohh ok, I'm sorry, I didn't realize that you're waiting for your general application to be processed. I'm sure they're really busy right now (with the start of a new semester), that's why it may take longer. But, if they don't fix it soon, I'd go there and push them to fix it while you're there, since you only have a week left...good luck and keep me posted! The nursing application only takes 5minutes and asks about your grades and previous college experience, nothing bad really. I never liked the application process, so much confusion and miss understandings. But don't give up and take deep breaths it will all work out in the end.
  11. by   HelenaHandbasket
    Thanks, Nurse! I was finally able to access the online application. I finished my Statistics final today. The Professor told me the grades should be updated by....FRIDAY next week!! I sent him an email today to emphasis how important it was for them to be updated ASAP.

    My school will release an official, sealed copy to students if requested. So I may end up having to pick them up in the morning and driving them to CCC in order to make sure they arrive. This is cutting it way too close for my comfort I'll tell ya!
  12. by   NurseWannaBe86
    Helena, good for you! Good you were finally able to access the online application. Good luck on the grades, defiinitely pick up your transcript and hand deliver it and make sure you get copies, especially from your health form and immunization form, that way you might re-use it later when you're accepted. Good luck! Keep me posted
  13. by   HelenaHandbasket
    What a week it's been and it's only WEDNESDAY!!

    I tell ya, by the skin of my teeth I might pull this off! On Monday I requested my transcript and was told there was a back log and it would be at LEAST 7 days. Plus, my A&P I grade hadn't been updated yet so they couldn't process it until that was done. I ran into my A&P professor who said she put the change in so it shouldn't be long.

    Monday night I did what any resourceful and desperate person would do, I wrote to the transcripts department and explained the situation. Read "begged". She actually got back to me and said that if she was getting close to the deadline she would call me so I could pick them up!

    All my grades are in as of this morning so I'm really hopeful they will be ready on Friday morning. I have class until 9:50a, plan to get the transcripts and head directly to CCC with my titer lab work and check them in! I have verified that all my other transcripts were sent out on Jan 15th so they should be sitting in the pile of nursing application paperwork waiting to be processed. The only requirement I have "met" is my TEAS-V results. For me, it will be an accomplishment simply to complete the application process!

    Step by step! Little by little!!