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Good morning! I am a current LPN working on pre-requisites for application to the CCC-NP for Fall 2013! I'm taking most of my courses at Holyoke Community College and hope to transfer to Northwestern Connecticut Community... Read More

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    Toonsis: naugatuck for first choice and northwestern for second. Have you submitted the application yet?
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    @motosteph: I didn't know they changed the requirements, so I read it last night, they changed the "GPA" to a "Nursing GPA" so what does that mean? they only calculation grades into the GPA that relate to the Nursing Degree? That's good for you! yea 85 is very high on the TEAS, I got a 83.3 last year, I took it 5 times though haha...between my first and last attempt my scores were lower. usually the people at NVCC are very nice, I'm sure they're just busy. Definitely try to call them back again, or it's always better to go there in person, but I'd suggest to be on top of things cause there is sooooo much to do before Nursing School even starts and once the program starts, it's just crazy.
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    @toonsis: I'm at NVCC. I think Gateway has hundreds of applications a year, one year I heard they had over 900 applications for like 160 seats? it's crazy!!! Don't drive yourself crazy about the TEAS, you have a very high GPA and that counts 50%, more than the TEAS. I love NVCC, the teachers are very nice and very funny, there's open lab hours, lab simulations...I think it's a great program. If you really want to get into Gateway, I would ask the advisors what the statistics were in the past couple of years and see if you could get in. You might get in into other schools like NVCC with that high GPA. Don't want to discourage you, I'm just trying to help. I'm just worried because so many people apply for Gateway...
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    I am finishing my 3rd semester at Gateway. We have 96 seats. There were 120 applicants that did not get in for the 2010-2011 application process when I applied. We never had 900 applicants!! Next year GWCC will start all students in the fall, no more spring starts!!

    Financial Aid- apply online Jan 1st, then plug your W2 information in the second you get it. You can apply to multiple schools. It's first come first serve and more people are in college now than ever. I applied to other schools, and got my financial aid offer for 3 communities colleges plus BHSN. Gateway actually offered more money, which worked out great since that's where I go. Gateway has a brand new lab, the new campus is awesome!!! Good luck, it's a long wait but it goes by really fast!!!
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    @studentnurseCT: hey studentnurseCT, thank you for your post. Yea, I don't want to give out wrong information, but I hear different things from different people. I actually took one of my TEAS tests at Gateway and I talked to the people there, I was told about 900 people applied, which I thought was strange, so not sure if that's true. Last year my advisor told me at NVCC that about 350 people applied, other people said there were 600 applications lol...I usually go by what the school/advisors say...I know the year before I applied, the advisor showed me that there were 333 applications, 111 people were taken out right away (because they didn't adhere to all of the requirements, some didn't have the classes needed to apply or the grades, some missed the deadlines...), so there were 222 left to be considered and only 125 seats.

    how did you like the 3rd semester? I remember you said the 2nd was all messed up. Is the 3rd so far the hardest? that's what my teachers keep saying, hardest only because of the material presented. thanks for posting again, you're very helpful!
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    This semester was a lot harder, but I liked the material. CV, Peripheral vascular, resp, endocrine, GI, substance abuse, pedi psych, bioterrorism. definitely a jump from 1st to 2nd year, but I'm feeling it!! I'm amazed at how independent we are starting to become. they expect a lot more from us but it all came together by the end of this semester. I love multiple patients, and the skills that seemed so hard a year ago are second nature now.
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    Studentnursect: thanks for the financial aid advice. So you suggest i start it jan 1st, like plug in all my info and save the draft? I havent filled out a fafsa in years so i dont remember some things. Id like to do my taxes as soon as i get my w2. Did they award you enough for tuition? Did you end up having to pay any out of pocket? Ive heard the govt doesnt dont usually give out too much for community colleges, i dont know if thats true, it sounds really silly. Im only eligible for loans, im hoping they award me a little extra for living expenses.
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    Yes!!! You can save the information, and add the W2 exact amount after, its easier to have everything else plugged in, especially if you have started a new semester when you get your W2. I was awarded $4800 for one school and $5500 for GWCC. Most was from local grants. I was working fulltime too. The first semester costs more, so it may not cover everything.
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    That is great! Hope i get that much wow good for you! I will definitly start it early then.
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    Thanks!I have not applied yet. My problem is the Computer applications requirement. I am taking the test to test out of the class, at Gateway next week. I have heard that the test is extremely difficult. I havd absolutely no money to take the actual class over winter break. It's hard to think this one thing may hold me back a whole year Nursewannabe

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