Current Nursing Students - Shoe Recommendations

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    I've been looking at some of the forum topics about nursing shoes but because the forum groups aren't specified for nursing students, the shoes listed aren't necessary adhering to
    CT program requirements. So this topic is geared toward students in CT nursing programs. Please let us know where you attend, where you got your shoes, how much they were, how the support/comfort is. Thank you! Any links to the shoes would help too!

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    Just bumping this up... please give some suggestions. Thanks!
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    Yes bump this up...suggestions please
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    My school requires all white. What your school requires? I wear DANKO. They come with all different colors and they have all white shoes. VERY COMFORTABLE especially after 12 hours. Danko and compression stockings are perfect together
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    CCC requires all white, leather (no mesh), shoes with a heel (no clogs or crocs). I've heard mixed reviews about the dankos say that they are comfortable from some people and others who like something else better. I was thinking about getting an all-white sneaker (like NewBalance) for good arch and heel support. Any other ideas?
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    Most instructors dont look at your feet. Especially after the first few weeks. I wear my soft Danskos to lab and Validations only. I wear mostly white comfy shoes to clinical like everyone else.

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