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  3. by   mommyof2Tees
    Thank you.
  4. by   2ndcareerchange
    hey, checking in real quick... about this if you can apply. Even if you are ready for
    rn school.... we had 4 people start with LPN and then went to the community college rn schools. the last two left in december for gateway.... so you should really need to apply if you want to start your way... I know people say, LPN whats the use.... well you can work right away, and you can start the rn program in the third semester.... two semesters away from rn.... the state schools are $5000.00 for the whole program... thats 6x less than the private schools. And as stressful and sometimes unorganized... we have more students leaving because of their app for the rn program than failing out. the instructors will work with you. I'm sorry I cant talk more, but i have 9 chapters to read outline and know by Monday not mention 4 papers, and 3 care plans. I love the weekend if only to do my homework with more being added.

  5. by   mommyof2Tees
    Hi 2ndcareer....

    Know your busy but, whats on the entrance exam?

    Thanks in advance.
  6. by   CTPCTstudent
    Hey Regi! Miss hearing from you!
    Everyone should note that they just changed the cost of the LPN program on the website - it jumped up $800 from a few weeks ago. It is still a good price though. I am hoping that they will post the entrance test info this week - can't wait to apply!
  7. by   CTPCTstudent
    Hey Prosp - are you definitely applying and to which Tech school?
  8. by   HartfordSPN
    Quote from ctpctstudent
    hey prosp - are you definitely applying and to which tech school?
    hey ctpctstudent, i am already enrolled in the lpn program at prince tech in hartford. i am due to graduate on jan 24, 2010.(hopefully)
    ndc, spn
  9. by   CTPCTstudent
    Awesome! Congrats to you! Any advice?
  10. by   HartfordSPN
    any advice? lets see.......
    1. come to school on time and do not take unecessary absences (fyi: we lost a total of four people to this already!!!! not to grades)
    2. ask for help/questions if you don't understand something
    3. i know it can get hard at times but please try to read your chapters before the class (i found that this helped me alot)
    4. if you do decide to go through with applying to the program and you do get accepted please take a mental note of the types of classmates that you will have to be around for the next 15 months. believe you me it helps alot especially when it comes to those who can't shut up and always want to challenge the teacher and be disrespectful (there is always some of those people within a class) do not sit next to them if possible!!!!!!!!!! (if you do, it may become very hard for you concentrate when the teacher is lecturing on fetal circulation, and the person next to you or behind you is talking about the type of sex they had with their boyfriend last night) i know, i know but it happens
    5. i know everybody's study habit is individualized but you need to make sure that you are prepping yourself for nclex from day 1. how i accomplishing this is that i bought 2 nclex-pn that i really liked and whenever i would have an exam i would always do the practice exam on that particular exam in the book and the accompanying cd. (for example. if i am about to have an exam on musculosketal disorders i study and then i would take the practice exam on musculoskeletal disorders then i would evaluate myself and see what i do not know and then study on what i fell short in and it has been very effective for me) the nice thing about my nclex book was that it separates the systems ans topics for you so that u are not studying med-surg stuff when u are in fundamentals of nursing. my theory is that when i graduate i will basically just review and not be studying at full blast (hope it works:d)
    6. whenever you get a break from school please enjoy it!!!!!! (the nursing program can get intense: you can look forward to having at least one test per week and sometimes even two) you learn to appreciate those well deserved days off.
    ** i think anyone that enters nursing school will find their own little niche and what works for them (not every thing is black or white/engraved in stone)**
    thats all i think of for now i hope the above suggestions help or at least may become useful to you or anyone else.
    feel free to ask anything else if i did not address it
    ndc, spn:redpinkhe
  11. by   CTPCTstudent
    Great advice! Can you give me specifics on the books that you used to practice with so I can look them up on Amazon?
  12. by   mommyof2Tees

    Can you please tell me what entrance exam do they use? TEAS? NET? TABE? Thank you in advance.
  13. by   HartfordSPN
    Quote from mommyof2tees

    can you please tell me what entrance exam do they use? teas? net? tabe? thank you in advance.
    we used the net and we had to register through eri their website is www.eriworld.com the cost last year was $68.00 but just like everything the cost could increased. in my opinion the test was pretty basic, but if you think you need to review they have a study guide that you can purchase from them or u can just study basic math, english, and science on your own in my opinion it was the same stuff we used to do in 5th grade nothing complicated.
    if you have any other questions that you think i can help you with please ask.
    -ndc, spn
    c/o 2010 (hopefully:d)
  14. by   HartfordSPN
    Quote from CTPCTstudent
    Great advice! Can you give me specifics on the books that you used to practice with so I can look them up on Amazon?
    I personally love my saunders nclex-pn review book 4th edition by linda silvestri and pearsons nclex-pn review book. sometimes i wonder if they are constructing their cirriculum around those books, because i swear when i am taking the exam it seems as if some of the questions are word for word.
    Anyway i am at the library study for my maternity test which is tomorrow
    take care...
    By the way if u dont mind me asking which one of the schools are u planning to apply to?