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I am researching LPN schools to go to in Connecticut. which school did you go to and how did you like it? i know the private schools (Stone Academy, Porter & Chester, Lincoln Tech, etc) are very expensive but if you went there,... Read More

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    Quote from Thornbird
    As opposed to other states I've worked, it is very restrictive here. An LPN cannot work without an RN present except in homecare. That means even in doctor's offices. LPN's cannot "assess" and there is no distinction between a basic or more advanced assessment. LPN's cannot write or update care plans. In many facilities, we are not allowed to take orders because of this. There are no advanced certfications recognized for LPN's, for example: IV nurse, wound care nurse. Some employers are even more restrictive. Jobs for LPN's are mostly in LTC and homecare because of the regulations. The State Board is progressively restricting practice more with their "interpretation" of our vague Nurse Practice Act. You should check the Board of Nursing website. Almost every month in the Meeting Minutes there is another "opinion" regarding LPN's. Problem is those opinions hold the weight of law when it comes to your license. Also see the Declaratory Ruling regarding LPN's. This was written in 1989 and has never been updated officially.
    Can you tell me if connecticut allows you to work before you get your license? I will be graduating in Aug 09 and taking my NCLEX in about 3 months. Can i work (limited work) before i get the license?

    Thank you

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    Not sure if this covers both RN and PN but found this on the website regarding graduate nurses
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    Thank you Silver...
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    Quote from altirn
    well i just want to do the LPN route for now. i have thought a lot about it, and decided that it's the best thing for me to do right now. I'm moving to connecticut this summer from boston, and have always wanted to be a nurse but not sure what exactly i want or if i will like it. that's why i want to do LPN so i can get a feel for the career. i've applied to the state technical schools, but i know there's a chance i might not get in because it has a waiting list and i applied a bit late. so i don't want to wait even longer for their next opening, i'd rather just go the private schools and get some financial aid (hopefully) and just pay the loans off over time while i'm working as an LPN. the thing also is, i might not stay in CT after i finish LPN school. I might go back to Boston or go stay with my fiance who is in the army, and hopefully work as a LPN either way. so my main concerns are:
    a) if i will get a good education at the private CT schools (i know i would just get my diploma if i graduate from there, not sure if that's good or not)
    b) if my LPN license will be universal in all 50 states, will i have to transfer my license? and will it be valid?
    and c) if i want to later bridge to RN, are the private schools accredited enough that I will be able to do that?

    i'd appreciate any input advice or opinions that you have
    a. Check NCLEX-PN pass rates for the schools you are looking into. They are available. Ask former students what they thought of the program.
    b. Your license is transferrable through each state's DPH. Some states have an agreement where their licenses are easily transferred/accepted. Others, like CT, are extremely difficult and cumbersome to transfer into.
    c. School accredidation is available as well. Find out what the accredidation body is and how it transfers to RN programs. Ask the school about the percentage of their grads that transfer to RN programs later on; most programs keep track of that to maintain accredidation. Many LPN programs require classes that are pre-requisites for RN programs to make it easier to later transition to the RN program; look into that as well.
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