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  1. I'm currently a sophmore in college and I'm trying to find CNA programs for the summer for certification but seem to not find any. Are there any free programs around the Stratford/Bridgeport area or ones with not a huge price tag?
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  3. by   gemini08

    There are a few choices for you to explore. First, I believe I just read on the HCC course selection page that they are offering a CNA course this summer. This is a new offering for HCC and the program would more than likely be at a lower fee but certainly won't be free. Also, NCC offers a CNA course too and they do have a scholarship linked to it if you are low-income. You can take the train to get to NCC if you don't want to hassle the traffic, definitely the best option there. Next, Naugatuck CC has a CNA training program in which you can inquire about financial assistance for it also. If you are low-income, the I believe the program is free or very reasonable and just need to provide documentation of your income status. I believe you can take the train there too, not sure though. Eli Whitney Technical School in Hamden has ongoing CNA classes just like Naugatuck and they also have excellent financial assistance to those who qualify. Lastly, you can inquire at the Jewish Home for the Elderly in Fairfield which does sponsor a CNA training course usually 2 or 3x's/yr where again I believe you need to provide your income status and I think if you do the training there you need to commit to work there afterwards for 1yr or so? I'm not totally sure of the Jewish Home's requirements so you'd need to call them. There are definitely opportunities out there. Definitely steer clear of private agencies that train you as a CNA because you will pay thru the roof for the course when you can choose an option I mentioned above instead. All the best to you. Any questions feel free to send me a message.
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    Thank you soo much I'm going to get in contact with HCC and the Jewish Home and see how it goes.

    Also I was trying to look for a job at the Jewish Home that doesn't require CNA because I want to work there in the summer, do they really have any for students?
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    Also check with the Red Cross. They hold CNA classes in New Haven, Norwalk and Bridgeport.